Pump producer, Gideon Phiri

Gideon is working hard to take care of his family and survive the economical challenges as an entrepreneur. He is an inspiration to many in Chipata. Now he wants to expand his welding business by making rope pumps and wants to sell them to his community. He is very  happy that Jacana wants to train and guide him in this process. For this guidance Jacana asks a small financial contribution from you.

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Expert Henk Holtslag

SMARTech advisor Henk Holtslag is willing to train him in construction and installation of rope pumps.

Henk Holtslag

February 2018

Gideon got a private customer and manged to install a pump at Beater Phiri along great east Road. Really Self-supply is working.

Pump installed at Beater Phiri

Gideon Made the pump installed at  Beauty Nyambose’s Farm.

What is the name of her mother?

Pump installed at Beauty’s Place

The pump installed at Aseli in misholo by Orsward and his drilling team, was made by Gideon Phiri.

Pump mad by Gideon

January 2018

Lundazi - Chipata

Lundazi – Chipata

Gideon Phiri found the first customer outside Chipata district. He made the pump and did the customer relations. Michael Soko and Moses Banda drilled the borehole in a small town called Lundazi two hours drive from Chipata. The customer Mulabizi Nyimbili is a headteacher and gave the borehole as a Christmas present to his parents. The customer paid for the entire operation, there was no sponsorship involved and the family is happy with the water which is a challenge is Lundazi.

Mulabizi NyimbiliIn's pump in Lundazi district

Mulabizi NyimbiliIn’s pump in Lundazi district


December 2017

What did 2017 do for welder Gideon?

What did 2017 do for welder Gideon?

Gideon Phiri made the pump for farmer Loki Lungu. Osward Mwanza drilled a new borehole, installed a pump and made a ground water recharge system for the old dry well.

Pump at Loki lungu

Pump at Loki lungu

October 2017

Gideon sold and installed a pump at Mr Peter Mwansa who paid fully for the pump (self-supply).

Gideon Install a pump at Peter Mwansa

Third self supply, Gideon Install a pump at Peter Mwansa

Gideon made the pump for private customer Singi Munalula who fully paid (Self-supply) for the work and the pump (no sponsorship). Micheal Soko, Edward Tembo and Hillary Phiri deepened a well and installed it.

Pump at Self-supply customer Singi Munalula

Pump at Self-supply customer Singi Munalula


Gideon made a pump for Chief Misholo.

Pump at garden of Chief Msholo

Pump at garden of Chief Misholo

July 2017

Gideon completed five pumps for stock and display.

Pumps for Stock and Display at Gidoen's workshop.

Pumps for Stock and Display at Gidoen’s workshop.

Immediately after the stock was ready, Gideon sold two of them to customers who did not need sponsorship. He is making two new pumps to replenish his stock.

First Self-Supply pump Gidoen

First Self-supply pump Gideon

Second Self-Supply pump Gidoen

Second Self-supply pump Gidoen

Gideon made a pump for Rabson Chibwe.

Pump Rabson Chibwe great East road

Pump Rabson Chibwe great East road

June 2017

A demonstration pump was installed at Gideon’s workshop just next to the main road. This pump is only for demonstration and it attracks lots of potential customers.

Demo pump at Gideon's workshop.

Demo pump at Gideon’s workshop.

Gideon made a pump for driller Hastings Mbewe.

Pump at Hastings Mbewe

Pump at Hastings Mbewe

May 2017

Gidoen made his first pump at his workshop after the training. The quality was checked and good enhough.

Jacana SMART Centre provided materials to make 5 more pumps for his stock and display.

Gideon made a pump for driller Edward Tembo.

Edwards pump just after insatllation, still developig the borehole.

Edwards pump just after insatllation, still developing the borehole.

April 2017

Due to his quality work Gideon was chosen by Jacana to fabricate drilling equipments for drillers.


Working for Jacana

Gideon's first pumps

Gideon’s first pumps

March  2017

Among the welders trained Gideon was one of the quick learners, focused and determined. In the middle of the training he was chosen to represent fellow welders and drillers at the farmer’s field day. It was a wonderful experience and his marketing skills are good. Gideon has acquired adequate skills in the production of the following technologies:

  • Auger
  • Soil punch
  • Bailer (Mzuzu type)
  • EMAS pump
  • Rope pump Model 1 and Model 4

Gideon busy with his first rope pump

Farmer's day

Gideon at farmer’s field day




Gideon Phiri in trainingGideon runs a welding company called Gideon welding.The company is located along the Great North Road to Lusaka in Chipata. During the Jacana basic training he showed motivation, perseverance and eagerness to learn. At this moment he wants to expand his business by making rope pumps and sell them at his location.
































Gideon sees the water challenges of his community members as a motivation for his rope pump making idea. Jacana believes that Gideon has the potential to become a great entrepreneur and serve as a role model for fellow Zambians. Therefore Jacana wants to train Gideon technically on how to make rope pumps and market them in his community. To be able to train Gideon we need your financial help. Every small amount is more than welcome.

Simply fill in (above) any amount you can afford.Thank you on behalf of Gideon!

Simply fill in the amount above.

Simply fill in the amount above.



Gideon Phiri is a welder located along the Great North Road at street Market. He is married with four children and 6 dependents.
Gideon Phiri's family

 Rope pump construction services- business plan


Farmers cannot find  a supplier with affordable and durable water pumps

Farmers cannot find the water pumps that deliver water all year round.

Farmers cannot find water pumps that are near to their farms.


Supply affordable pumps to farmers.

Supply pumps with year round functionality.

Installation of  pumps at the location of the customer’s choice


Simple, Market based, Affordable and Repairable technologies


Official training and recognition




Farmers who already accessing my services.


Increase in demand for services, new faces and profit


Word of mouth, phone calls, radio and t.v


I assume that farmers will like the durable and affordable rope pumps and that they will buy them in the future from my workshop.


I will make 2 pumps and install one, then ask the farmers if they like them       GO: if 2 out of 4 wants to buy them then I proceed

and are willing to buy them.

Click here to learn how to read a Lean Canvas Business model.

Jacana will support Gideon in:

  1. Providing technical training in pump construction and pump installation.
  2. Provision of initial tools and materials for few pumps and marketing.
  3. Guidance in book keeping and financial management.

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