Lodge Manager, Hilda Munkanda

Lodge manager Hilda Munkanda wanted to attract more guest for Take a Break Lodge. Jacana guided her for one year. Watch the results in this video.
The below video shows how Hilda started and what she wanted from Jacana (taken Sept 2015).

Guiding & Monitoring data

September 2015

  • The Lean Canvas Model is finalized.
  • Hilda was guided in how to record the incomes and expenditures of all different departments.
  • Jacana supports Hilda in management skills.

October 2015Computer Training Hilda

  • Hilda started computer lessons.
  • Billboard was designed with the staff of Take a Break Lodge.




NSign Take a Break Lodgeovember 2015

  • Actions taken to put the billboard at the road site.
  • Guiding on management skills continues.




Bookkeeping HildaDecember 2015

  • For the first time Hilda entered all the financial data in the bookkeeping system on the computer.
  • A lot of maintenance has to be done and Hilda is arranging it (building of new kitchen, installation of new gate, maintenance of fence, maintenance of doors, roofs etc).



January 2016

  • The billboard is installed at the road site. New people are booking or just coming to have a look.
  • Hilda decided to focus more on the kitchen activities to improve the menu.
  • Bookkeeping activities continues.take a break lodge

February 2016

  • Pious (formerly guest house manager) guided Hilda in creating a control system for the Kitchen, Bar and Accommodation.
  • Together they made an evaluation form for the customers.


March 2016

  • Changes are made according to the outcome of the evaluation forms (light in the chalets, opening hours restaurant)
  • Staff was trained in the local language by Jacana in Business and Financial planning.

training staff

May and June 2016

  • Continuing training in using email, internet, bookkeeping system and management skills.

July 2016

  • Hilda continues bookkeeping and management of the lodge. Jacana is still available if she has questions.

August 2016

Jacana evaluated last year with Hilda. You can see the results in the video on top of this page.

Home at Hilda'sHilda, mother of four daughters, is working for about 3 years at Take a Break Lodge. In June 2015 she was appointed as manager. Her responsibility is to manage four departments. The profit of the Lodge will go to Kukwatankana Youth Project.   After attending the business, financial and marketing training she realized that she needs more support in her role as manager, especially on financial and management part.    

Business plan


Customers want good accommodation and food Customers want to see from outside what is inside Customers want a quiet and safe place


Picture on billboard shows the customer what the Lodge offers Offer good quality food Keep the place quiet and a guard is always there in the night


High quality accommodation and food Quiet environment with bushes Security is there


Solar power for water pump Enough land to expand the business Fresh vegetables from the garden


Passers by in cars on the Great North Road


Passers by with their personal transport


Do new customers come? Do they tell other people about the lodge? Are customers coming back?  


Word of Mouth Billboard Flyers Website


By putting a billboard more customers will be attracted and expanding of the number of chalets is possible.


 Put a billboard at the roadside and count the number of customers coming for accommodation.                                    GO: when 80% of the chalets are rented out after half a year, more chalets can be build.


Cost of making a billboard Cost for license: K 1460


Chalets price: K 150

Click here to learn how to read a Lean Canvas Business model.

Jacana will support Hilda during one year in:

  1. Business planning
  2. Implementing book keeping system
  3. Marketing planning
  4. Computer skills
  5. General management

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