General entrepreneurs

Supported by Jacana
112 Chimwala women group
Farmer and beekeeper, Martha Banda
112 Farmer, Adrinah Zulu
111 Farmer and beekeeper, Mary Phiri
105 Farmer, Iness Chulu
096 Farmer, Joseph Ngoma
059 Farmer, Evans Banda
078 Nason Zulu
071 Farmer, Josphat Zulu
080 Farmer, Sofia Lungu
076 Farmer, Theressa Mbazima
067 Farmer and livestock keeper, Samson Ngoma
099 Farmer, Clement Soko
097 Farmer, Delia Soko
083 Farmer Blackson Tembo
084 Farmer Marksensio Phiri
074 Brick maker, Royce Banda
077 Farmer, Pickson Nyirenda
079 Farmer, Elina Zulu
065 Beekeeper, Chrispin Daka
081 Livestock Farmer, Abraham Zulu
073 Beekeeper, Bandson Tembo.
075 Chicken farmer, Stephen Tembo
070 Farmer, Loki Funwell
069 Nutritionist, Aseli Nkhoma
063 Pre-school, Petronella
055 Farmer, Beauty Nyambozi
056 Chicken farmer, Stelia
057 Farmer and beekeeper Maria
054 Pigs and bee-keeper Bridget
048 Farmer, Kelvin Magawa
051 Farmer, James Mbewe
049 Farmer, Simbani Chibwe
052 Farmer, Bernadette Mvula
045 Brick maker, Thomas Phiri
047 Farmer, Joshua Tembo
046 Farmer, Uveren’Gapi Jere
030 Mushroom cultivator, Bernadette
028 Tailor & Designer, Catherine Banda
027 Farmer Mackson Sakala supported with water
Solid Waste manager, Joel expanded in Recycling
Shopkeeper Xavier
African Welders expand their business
Cooking Oil producer in Africa  expanse her business
Online Health Care business in Africa
African Lodge Manager expanded her business
African wedding & event planner expanded her business
African Tailor


Jacana supports small Zambian entrepreneurs

We guide small enthusiast entrepreneurs who have good ideas for expansion, because we believe they deserve our support since:

  • they create jobs for the poorest,
  • they escaped poverty on own power,
  • they operate on the local markets where they meet all kind of people.

These small scale entrepreneurs are role model for others in their community.

The entrepreneurs above are the promising and enthusiast. We guide each individual on the job and link them to (international) experts. Learn about our selection procedure in: How we workANBI

Remember that Dutch donors can get a tax-refund ANBI. Every small donation is welcome.

Follow our work, enjoy watching the videos and support one or more small Zambian entrepreneurs who grabs your attention.

How We Work
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