Farmer, Pickson Nyirenda needs water in dry season

Pickson Nyirenda is a hardworking and visionary farmer. He is looking forward to increasing production and his market catchment.  He wants to expand into vegetable garden and has a small piggery. This expansion in piggery and vegetable growing will require a reliable water source. He is very happy that Jacana wants to provide him with access to water. For this reason, Jacana asks a small financial contribution from you to help provide a complete borehole to Pickson.


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Pickson Nyirenda in training

Pickson Nyirenda in training

Mr Pickson is an entrepreneur who is actively farming general crops such as maize, groundnuts and soya beans in Kauzu area. He also has a growing piggery. Mr Pickson wants to expand into garden, growing vegetables. His desire to expand the vegetable production and pig farming motivated him to attend the Jacana business, finance and marketing training. This training enabled him to enhance his business skills and realize he potentiality of his vision.

However, with the prevalent water challenges in the country and the unstable rain pattern, his success as a farmer entrepreneur is limited. His water sources dry up during the dry season, meaning that he can only farm few months within a year. Proper gardening and pig farming requires reliable water sources. To show his commitment, Mr Pickson has already paid 70 Euros towards his borehole and is willing to host the drilling team and provide necessities required for them to drill and install a complete borehole at his premise.

Jacana believes Mr Pickson has the potential to grow as farmer entrepreneur. For this reason, your financial help will see Mr Nyirenda excel, as we all know everything big started small.

Thank you for helping Pickson Nyirenda!

Mr. Pickson Nyirenda is a father of 6 children. He owns a farm in Kauzu area near Msekera turn off. He grows field crops such as Maize, soya beans and groundnuts; he also has a rapid growing piggery. This time he wants to concentrate largely on vegetable production and piggery farming. If provide, water will play a crucial role to this expansion.
Mr. Pickson and his wife

Mr. Pickson and his wife

Jacana will support Mr. Pickson with partly sponsored borehole with pump and guidance:

This section will be filled once funds are raised and project starts.

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