Driller, Andrew Zulu

Andrew dug wells until he heard of manual drilling. He attended the technical training of three weeks and now he is ready to expand his business by drilling boreholes manually and install pumps. He is very happy that Jacana wants to guide him in expanding his business.

Andrew is married and has two children and is living in Mkwekwe, Section B in Khova Ward. Together with his wife he is farming and next to that he is a well digger. Well digging is not without any risk. You have to go deep into a well and it can be dangerous, especially for Andrew, he is a very tall, big man. That is why Andrew was very happy that he was selected for the technical drilling training. Now he is well equipped to expand his business in manual drilling of boreholes and pump installation.

Andrew and his wife

Andrew during the business training

Andrew drilling during the training

The business and technical training, borehole and pump are donated by Marie Stella Maris.Marie-Stella-Maris foundation

Jacana trained Andrew in manual drilling and pump installation.

Andrew will be guided in:

  • bookkeeping
  • contract writing
  • marketing

Guiding & Monitoring data

December 2018

Together with Erasmus, Obuloni and Francisco, Andrew drilled a borehole and installed a pump at Joseph Ngoma’s place.

Joseph Ngoma

Pump at Joseph Ngoma’s place

July/Augustus 2018

Andrew together with Obuloni, Erasmus and Francisco are drilling boreholes and installing pumps at their houses under supervision of an assistant trainer. The water will be used for the household for the family and the neighbors. Andrew can show interested people about the drilling technique and show them the pump. In this way he can promote his business.

Andrew is drilling in the village

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