Farmer, Beauty Nyambozi

Farmer Beauty works extremely hard to manage the family of 6 children and feed cows, pigs, chickens and grow crops on her land. An affordable locally made pump helps Mrs. Beauty to expand the pig braiding business. She can now rear more pigs, sell more pork and provide a more stable life for her children.
The video below was taken at the beginning of Jacana’s work.
Mrs. Beauty lives with her husband and six children in the village Gimori not too far from town, which is good for business. However when you visit you will feel as if you are far in the bush because the road is very bad.

Although Mrs. Beauty might not seem so tall, she is a big manager keeping all animals healthy, growing crops on the land and running a big household. How does she do it?

Farmer Beauty and part of her family

Farmer Beauty and part of her family

During the Jacana Business training Mrs. Beauty showed that she has good ideas and is smart enough to expand her business. When we visited her at her house we were astonished by the work she is doing. How can Africa women manage a big family, lots of animals and still find time to work on the land and attend our classes?

We believe in Mrs. Beauty and therefore Jacana SMART Centre decided to help her by providing a partly sponsored pump. we are sure it is money well spend.

Farmer Beauty in class

Beauty at the business training



Feb 2018

Driller Edward installed a pump on an open well for Beauty and her beautiful daughter.

Now feeding the cows, pigs and chicken will take much less time and there is more time for the family.

What is the name of her mother?

What is the name of her mother?



Jacana supported Beauty with a partly sponsored pump on an existing open well.

So she can:

  • expand her chicken, catle and pig business,
  • get access to cleaner water for the household.



The pump on an open well is donated by:

This is part of a bigger project, donated by Aqua for All.





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