How we work

Jacana focuses on small Zambian entrepreneurs who are about to escape from the poverty trap. By carefully delivering them the right kind of support, we help them to escape from poverty. They will create employment and set an example for those who are even less fortunated.


Building “self-sustainability” is key. This asks for a delicate hand. Therefore, Jacana does not want to act as generous giver, but supports an entrepreneur for a longer time. Jacana will assist the entrepreneur in preparing a business plan; regular bookkeeping; and the use of communication applications like Skype and email. Thereafter, the entrepreneur will be, if needed, linked to an international or Zambian expert from his working field who will coach him or her for a short period. After this period, Jacana will continue to support the entrepreneur with regular visits. The entrepreneur can ask Jacana for help with his or her issues. Jacana updates sponsors and experts on the progress and efforts of the entrepreneur. Through intensive contact between the expert and the entrepreneur both get the chance to broaden their worldview.

Selection of entrepreneurs

searchJacana uses a thorough selection procedure to choose the most motivated entrepreneurs. Zambian entrepreneurs can follow workshops, in which they improve and deepen their individual business plans. After a few workshops, Jacana will select the most promising entrepreneurs who will start an individual process to refine their business plan. Their profile, plan and request will be presented on this website with the goal to find financial support and an experienced expert who can support them to expand their business.


ExpertThe experts that work with Jacana come from all over the world. It is important that there is a good chemistry between the Zambian entrepreneur and the expert. They work together in a one-on-one situation and that requires a good relationship. The expert will advise the entrepreneur with regard to the specific issues that he or she is dealing with. That way, the expert will personally experience the change he or she is bringing. Zambian entrepreneurs who have been successfully supported by Jacana will be asked to act as a mentor for future entrepreneurs.

Role of Jacana

logoBirdOnlyThrough personal interviews, workshops and exercises Jacana searches for motivated and qualified entrepreneurs for its program. Then, Jacana guides the entrepreneurs and trains them to use Skype, email and computers for their business purposes. Jacana helps them to find funding and suitable experts. Experts receive the preparation for their task regarding spreading knowledge in an African cultural setting. Also during the coaching the experts can request assistance from Jacana. After the experts have left and a realistic work plan has been established, Jacana supports the Zambian entrepreneurs while executing the plan. It is possible to deviate from the plan under the supervision of Jacana. If there is a doubt Jacana enables and encourage online communication between the experts and the entrepreneurs. Through successful experiences, the self-esteem of  entrepreneurs grows along with their business, making them excellent role models for the community.

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