Water for Zambia

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Jacana starts a water programme in Chipata District,

Because:Waiting for the well to deliver water in Chipata. More pumps needed

  • Eastern part of Zambia experience droughts,
  • the last three years there is 30% less rainfall in Chipata,
  • farmers can only farm for 4 months (during rainy season),
  • people in rural areas depend on open wells and small streams, many dry up,
  • people are lining up for community pumps and water kiosks,
  • it takes women more and more time to collect water.

Hoping to buy some water today.How?

In Jacana SMART training centre entrepreneurs are trained in manually drilling of boreholes, construction of ground water recharge systems and local production of pumps. Jacana helps 30 early adopters (serving 2700 people) to buy and use these pumps in their business. Once people experience the impact and the local affordable supply chain is operating then people will buy the pumps without the need of subsidy (as a similar programme in Tanzania proofs, 5000 pumps sold commercially).

The impact will be:

  1. Farmers can farm for 12 months instead of 4.
  2. A cost reduction of rural water supply by 40%.
  3. Increased sustainability since technical skills and affordable spares are locally available.
  4. Supported Self-supply: after we reach a critical mass, water supply is fully financed by the owners themselves and commercially provided by local private entrepreneurs. We call this “profit based sustainability”.


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Free manuals and instruction videos

Your donation helps to make free online instruction videos and manuals. Take a look here.

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