Driller, Francisco Soko

You won’t hear Francisco talk a lot but he would be working as a lion. Francisco is a well digger and a farmer. Because of Jacana’s business and technical training Francisco can expand his business by drilling boreholes manually and installing of pumps.
December 2018

Together with Erasmus, Obuloni and Andrew, Francisco drilled a borehole and installed a pump at Joseph Ngoma’s place.

Joseph Ngoma

Pump at Joseph Ngoma’s place

August 2018

The pump from Francisco is used by 12 neighboring household. Previously there was only one community pump in the village with always a long queue. The queue is dissolving thanks to the new “private” owned boreholes of Fransisco and Erasmus. The hard work has paid off.

Francisco's pump

Francisco’s pump

July 2018

Francisco is drilling together with Obuloni, Erasmus and Andrew in his village. They are drilling boreholes and install pumps at their houses. The pump will be used for domestic use by the family and neighbors but also for marketing purposes. Francisco can show the pump to customers and explain about his work.

Francisco drilling with the team in the village

Francisco drilling with the team in the village

Francisco is married and has 7 children and lives in Mkwekwe village, Section A in Khova Ward. Together with his wife he is farming crops and vegetables. Next to farming he is a well digger. It is job with dangers, because you are digging far down in the open well. After his technical training at Jacana where he learned how to drill boreholes manually he does not have to climb down anymore. Now he can expand his business by drilling boreholes manually and install pumps.

Francisco and his wife

Francisco during the business training


Francisco during the technical training

The business and technical training, borehole and pump are donated by:

Marie-Stella-Maris foundation


Jacana supported Francisco by training him in business skills and technical skills, like manual drilling and installation of pumps.

Jacana will guide Francisco in:

  • bookkeeping
  • working with contracts
  • marketing

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