Online Primary Health Care, Godfrey Siluchali

The below video shows how E-Health provider Godfrey did before collaboration with Jacana (March 2016).

Expert Rik Haanen

Former director of E-Learning platform software developing company “Koepel Educatieve Software BV“, Rik assists Godfrey.


On 16 March 2017 Godfrey wrote this evaluation.

Here is my view on the help I got from Jacana Zambia for the past 1 year I was under your mentor ship.

1. Human Resource

I appreciated the human resource services I received over the one year period. Rik was very resourceful to me in terms of physically helping me out especially when l was shooting my advert videos and also editing my marketing messages including other works for grant applications, position papers and the website information. His and Dinies input was so valuable.

Aside this, there was also the part of education which l think is the best approach to empowerment entrepreneurs. I together with about 6 of my friends had a chance to learn about how to successfully expand a business, writing a business plan, marketing and financial management and this knowledge is still beneficial to me even now. I learnt how to write a powerful business plan on 6 pages and a summary business plan on a single page.

2.  Marketing

During the last 1 year my online business being a start up needed a lot of experienced strategies to break ground and enter the market. I received advice on what approaches works and those which would not or don’t work in the line of my business. I was fortunate in that Rik had good experience in online businesses and so provided me with valuable advice on how to meet with the various challenges. I was also introduced to a book “Learning Lean” which I still use as my Bible in business. At least I am able to significantly reduce on losses by using iterative approaches in doing business.

3. Technical Support

This part was another wonderful experience I had with Jacana. My web-based business software still needed adjustments, inclusions and modifications at the time I met Jacana and Rik was so handy in guiding and at times doing the actual works on my software at no cost. To this I am still so grateful. And presently I still need to consult him on many other matters related to software development and upgrade. On the other hand, I can say more than half of my technical support in the making of video adverts and auto bulky email correspondences were achieved with the help of Jacana.

And as I end, allow me to say thank you so much once again to Jacana for the help you are giving to the youth and start up entrepreneurs. Through you and others alike, Zambia is being helped to develop at a very good rate and soon the general standard of living will move to middle class. Bravo and God bless.


Godfrey, E HealthGuiding & Monitoring data

March 2016

  • Jacana provided hosting services for the Care Plus software at in cooperation with NeoStrada .
  • Jacana supported Godfrey in the production of a promotion video.


AGodfrey, E Healthpril 2016

  • The software system was optimized.
  • Godfrey learnt the basics of HTML, PHP and SQL.
  • Godfrey was guided in the marketing strategy. He presented his programme to different organisations.


Care Plus Zambia web-site


May and June 2016

  • Godfrey is promoting his e-health services. He speaks on national level with insurance companies and he is in negotiation with some of them.
  • Jacana contacted Godfrey with experienced PHP programmers through an expert Martine Koopman from Smart Resultancy (


July 2016

  • Godfrey is making campaigns for CARE PLUS sign ups for FREE Health Education and announcements from 8th August up to 30th of November, 2016. He wants to grow the clientele base for the premium Online Primary Health care services.
  • The people who signed in get free education on health issues: the first topic is nutrition.

Nov 2016

  • Godfrey put a lot of effort in networking and found different interested stack holders. Jacana linked him to some of them.
  • Godfrey and Rik prepare campains

Jan 2017

  • Godfrey and Rik brainstorm on the design of CarePlusZambia 2.0


Feb 2017

February is the last month of guidance of Godfrey. He is adjusting his software for launching the program.




  • RunningLeanBookGodfrey started in 2010 his company Life “Care Professionals”.
  • In 2014 he designed the software for “”, a platform for Online Primary Health Care.
  • Therefore Jacana wants to guide Godfrey for one year to help him implement the required systems. To be able to support Godfrey we need your financial help. Every small amount is more than welcome. Simply fill in (above) any amount you can afford.

Simply fill in (above) any amount you can afford.Thank you on behalf of Godfrey Siluchali!

Simply fill in the amount above.

Simply fill in the amount above.

Godfrey Siluchali is a Lusaka based biological scientist, founder and managing director of Life-Care Professionals. He registered his company Life-Care Professionals in 2010 and began public operations in 2011. He began as a consultant in preventive medicine for non communicable diseases. Currently he wants to expand his business with a program called Care Plus Zambia which provides Online Primary Healthcare. He has two employees and hopes to go national wide by mid next year 2016. Godfrey is looking forward to be guided by Jacana in HR management, marketing and ICT support.

Business plan


Stigma when visiting special departments in hospitals (HIV/AIDS)

Long cues at the hospitals.

Long time in traffic. Contamination risks in public transport and waiting rooms.


Zero exposure to elements of stigma.

Quick, affordable and convenient access to primary healthcare.

Platform for health education.


Online Primary Health Care Simple Smart Efficient


Care link network of professional health partners in Zambia.


People from 10 year and above who need primary health care, have access to internet and use private hospitals now.

Stigmatized people (for example HIV/Aids)

People who need counselling Busy people


Patients from Lusaka Trust Hospital. Students from University of Zambia


Nr. of sign ups Nr. of active appointments


Radio / Bulk SMS Outdoor campaign / Email, newsletter / Website / Social Media Posters, flyers


1 People will opt for online primary health care (and pay for it) 2 Many people with stigmatizing diseases will opt for the online primary health care


1 Survey. Already done, main result 85% of people see the need for online access to primary health care and are ready to pay if it is affordable. 2 Test the system in a pilot for 3 months in Lusaka Trust Hospital and Students from University of Zambia

GO – NO – GO:

1000 students sign up and 10% make an appointment and 50 patients from the hospital sign up and 10 % make an appointment


For 3 months pilot testing in 2 areas:

Hard and software 34,200
Rent 14,500
Internet 4,500
Promotion 8,000
Wages 22,500
TOTAL K 83,700


Between K 50.- and K 250.- per appointment

Click here to learn how to read a Lean Canvas Business model.

Jacana will support Godfrey during one year in:

  1. Support in HR management
  2. Marketing
  3. Technical Software support


Online Primary Healthcare

Access faster, Convenient, Private and Affordable primary online healthcare services anytime, anywhere from your smartphone,  tablet, ipad and computer in the comfort of your privacy.

Get free health tips & online health consultancy !

Care Plus Zambia

Services Offered

  • General Medical Consultancy
  • Health Management Programs
  • HIV/AIDS Management (with zero exposure to elements of stigma)
  • Psychosocial Counseling
  • Reproductive Health and Family Planning
  • Marital & Premarital Relationship Management

Available Payment Options

  • Airtel Money
  • MTN Money
  • Mobile Banking
  • Medical Schemes


  1. Easy, Faster and Efficient
  2. Private and Convenient
  3. Health Education through Health tips
  4. Newsletters every fortnight
  5. e-Prescriptions and coordinated referrals

Customer Care lines

  • +260 950 769 385
  • +260 964 571 235
  • +260 979 651 525

Physical Address

ZIMCO HOUSE 12th Floor Right Wing Cairo Road, Lusaka, Zambia

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