Well digger, Hillary Phiri

Hillary is on the right track to inspire many other Zambians to escape poverty. Now he wants to expand his well digging business. He is very happy that Jacana wants to guide him in this process. For this guidance Jacana asks a small financial contribution from you.

  • € 1,580 raised now, still € 420 of € 2,000 needed. 79%

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Expert Henk Holtslag

SMARTech advisor Henk Holtslag is willing to train him in manual borehole drilling and installation of rope pumps.

Henk Holtslag

January 2018

Hillary deepened a well and installed a pump at private customer Brigit Kabwe. Brigit was not sponsored (Self-supply). The pump as made by Joseph.

Pump at Bridgit Kabwe

Pump at Bridgit Kabwe

December 2017

Hillary installed a pump at private customer Neria Nyoni who is from his own village (Feni sub-centre). Joseph Kabwe made the pump. Neria Nyoni paid for the pump and installation, she was not sponsored (Self-supply).

Pump at Neria Nyoni

Pump at Neria Nyoni

October 2017

Hillary Phiri, Micheal Soko and Edward Tembo deepened a well and installed a pump at private customer Singi Munalula who fully paid (Self-supply) for the work and the pump (no sponsorship). Welder Gidoen Phiri made the pump.

Pump at Self-supply customer Singi Munalula

Pump at Self-supply customer Singi Munalula


The team drilled a borehole at Mr Frank Sakala’s farm which has very sandy soil formation. This took them about six days to drill and install a pump. Mr sakala had fully paid for the borehole and pump, nowhe has a borehole and has expressed gratitude to Jacana for the work done. (Self-supply)

The team drilling at Frank Sakala's farm

The team drilling at Frank Sakala’s farm


Pump installed at Frank Sakala's farm

Pump installed at Frank Sakala’s farm

Hillary and his team encountered problems when drilling at Mr Felix Zulu’s farm.The place was quiet rocky, such that they had to move to three places within the same farm. In spite of all efforts to find water, Hillary and his team were not successful until they relocated to another plot belonging to Mr Felix Zulu. At this plot, Hillary and his team successfully drilled a borehole in less than a week, due to the fact that, the water level was shallow. Mr Felix Zulu is happy that he finally has a borehole with plenty of water.

Drilling at Zulu's farm 

Drilling at Zulu’s farm

Second place of drilling

Pump at Felix

Pump at Felix

September 2017

Hillary and his team had the community of Lembani for James Mbewe on the show, they managed to drill a borehole in an area where the local authority had once tried with good machinery but failed.This improbable success surprised the community members in that area and added an advantage to the team, they gained recognition, respect and potential customers.

Drilling at James Mbewe


Pump Installed

August 2017

The team drilled a borehole at Uveren’Gapi Jere’s Garden, This is a dumbo area making it easy to find water.The pump is perfectly installed and in full operational.

Michael drilling at Uveren'Gapi

Hillary drilling at Uveren’Gapi

Pump at Uveren'Gapi

Pump at Uveren’Gapi

After drilling several boreholes at their premises,the team had gained enough experience to drill boreholes for customers.This time, they had an opportunity to drill at Mr Joshua Tembo, this drilling was a success and a pump has been installed which is producing plenty of water for Mr Joshua.

Drilling at Joshua Tembo

Drilling at Mr Joshua

Pump at Joshua Tembo's farm

Pump Installed

Hillary and his team faced some problems as a group. Jacana proposed to have every week a weekly planning meeting. This is very helpful for the group. Also a bookkeeping system is introduced to Steven and his team. There is no longer confusion about money needed for materials, back up money and salaries. Everybody registers his hours worked and according to that they get paid. Steven showed himself as a great leader of the team.

Bookkeeping for drilling teams

July 2017

The team drilled a borehole at Simbani Chibwe, which had very hard soil formation and took them a long time. But they succeeded and now the village has a second water point.

Drilling and Pump at Simbani

Drilling and Pump at Simbani

June 2017

Manual drilling is not always easy. In Mvula farm the team drilled a borehole without finding water. Jacana SMART centre did not apprrove this (water)point. But the team build the approne anyway paying for the costs them selves. The borehole will be tested again after raining season and a ground water recharge system will be installed at that place to infiltrate the rain water as much as possible.

These sadbacks separate the boys from the men ; )

Drilling and dry Pump at Mvula

Drilling and dry Pump at Mvula

May  2017

Hillary drilled 4 boreholes and installed rope pumps this month together with his colleagues. One of them was at his own house.

Drilling and Pump Hillary

Drilling and Pump Hillary

Drilling and Pump Edward

Drilling and Pump Edward

Drilling and Pump Micheal

Drilling and Pump Micheal

Drilling and Pump Hastings

Drilling and Pump Hastings

April 2017

Welder Boston and driller Hillary made their first borehole for a fully paying customer.

Boston and Hillary's 1st Self-supply pump

Boston and Hillary’s 1st Self-supply pump

March  2017

Hillary Participated in the three weeks technical training conducted by Jacana. During the training Hillary was hardworking and paying attention to details. He acquired technical drilling skills in the following technologies.

  • Auguring
  • Soil punching
  • Mzuzu drilling with chisel, open and closed bailers
  • Drilling using Jetting
  • Drilling by Sledging
  • Bapthist drilling (percussion)
  • Corbel, open well covering


    Hillary is drilling





Hillary in trainingHillary has been in the business of well digging since 2007 in his village under paramount chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people. Through this business he has bought a plot and is currently constructing a shop. Hillary attended Jacana’s basic business training for 3 days. During the training he exhibited perseverance and eagerness to learn. Jacana believes Hillary has the hidden potentialities that would be good to bring out.

For this reason, Jacana has selected Hillary for the technical training in manual drilling of boreholes and pump installation. The indication is that Hillary will improve the water services to his community and serve as a role model for others in the chiefdom.

In order for Jacana to train him technically and provide the necessary equipments we need your financial help. Every small amount is more than welcome.

Simply fill in (above) any amount you can afford.Thank you on behalf of Hillary!

Simply fill in the amount above.

Simply fill in the amount above.



Hillary Phiri is a Well digger from Luangeni Sub-center. He has been working in almost all corners of Chief Mpezeni’s area. He has a wife and four children.

Family of Hillary

Manual Drilling service provider, business plan


Live stock Farmers cannot find reliable water sources that will prevent there animals from dying.

Live stock farmers cannot find nearby water sources for their animals.

Live stock farmers cannot find water sources that would go year round.


Reliable,affordable and durable pumps, providing water all year round are available at the workshop.


Simple, Market based Affordable and Repairable technologies available here.


Existing network


Live stock farmers.


Farmers who are already accessing our open well services.


Getting more phone calls and orders.


Friend,word of mouth,radio and T.V


I think that live stock farmers will like my SMART tech services and that they are willing to pay for them in the future.


I will display one pump at my home so that people can see.     GO:  If 2 out of 4 live stock farmers agree then it is a GO

I ask if they want similar pumps for their homes.


Labour for drilling and food K xxx



Click here to learn how to read a Lean Canvas Business model.

Jacana will support Hillary in:

  • Providing technical Training in manual drilling and pump installation.
  • Provision of initial tools and materials for few pumps
  • Guidance in book keeping and financial management.

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