Pigs and bee-keeper, Bridget

Bridget keeps chicken, pigs, has a orchard of orange trees and wants to expand the piggery and bee keeping. Do you have experience in running a piggery or beekeeping? If so please tell us and fill in the form at te right.
Expert Frank Leenen

Frank graduated as a tropical agronomist in Deventer, the Netherlands and has gained broad experience in various Latin American and African countries. Frank is proficient at assessing and describing opportunities in the area of rural development based on sustainable agricultural systems. Bee keeping for the production of honey, other hive products and pollination services, is his specific expertise.

Bridget in class

Bridget in class

Bridget is a very active farmer, teacher and mother. She keeps chicken, pigs, bees, has a orchard with 327 orange trees. She lives in a beautiful natural environment in Chipata, Zambia. How she managed to find time to also run a household with 5 children must be a well kept secret among African women.

During the business training, Bridget proofed to be very smart, eager to learn and -with excellent teaching skills- help others. Jacana has therefore decided to help her and is looking for experts in the field of running a piggery and beekeeping. During a full year Jacana will be actively guiding Bridget in the expansion of her business. So she can create jobs for others and serve as a role model.

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Bridget is married and has four sons and one daughter (not on the picture).

She is a dedicated teacher and very good in delegating work at her farm.

Bridget's family (minus daughter and husband)

Bridget’s family (without daughter and husband)

Jacana will support Bridget in:

Linkage to experts in the field of

  1. Management of a piggery
  2. Beekeeping
  3. Management of the business in general

Jacana will guide Bridget for one year in the expantion of her business.

Guiding & Monitoring data

Once funds are raised and experts found, we will start the project and provide monthly updates here.

Hope to see you soon here again.

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