Pig keepers and gardeners, Chimwala women group

Chimwala women group has 12 members and started in 2016 a piggery with a grant from the Government. For keeping pigs a lot of water is needed. The caretakers fetched water at the community pump. This pump is used by 500 community members. With a partly sponsored pump the group is helped enormously and they can start gardening next to the piggery and generate income for the group.  


chimwala women group

Chimwala women group from Sokochimwala village has 12 members. The group started a piggery thanks to a grant from the Government. The group built a pig shelter and sold already one pig. They keep money aside for buying food and medicines and the profit is shared among the members. The goal is to give all the member two piglets so that they can start breeding themselves and earn an extra income for their families. Watering the pigs is until now done with water from the community pump. This pump is used by about 500 community members. The community is not pleased that the water is also used for the pigs, because every day there are long queues. The group is helped with a pump.

sokochimwala pump

Fetching water from community pump

Every day two women take care of the pigs. Regularly a veterinarian is checking the pigs. With the pump the women also want to start a vegetable garden. 

The women group also has a savings account. The members can apply for small loans at 30%.





Chimwala women group piggery

Piggery of Chimwala women group

Piglets Chimwala women group

Piglets Chimwala women group

The women group got a pump and now they can use the water for watering the pigs and start a vegetable garden. 

chimwala women group





The business, financial and marketing training and borehole with pump are partly sponsored by Wilde Ganzen.



Jacana trains the treasurer and one other woman from Chimwala women group in business skills. The women make under supervision of Jacana a business, financial and marketing plan for an expansion idea which is agreed on in the group.

Jacana will support Chimwala women group with partly sponsored borehole and a pump:

So they can:

  • Start giving water to the pigs.
  • Start a vegetable garden.
  • Share the profit among the members of the group.

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