Farmer and livestock keeper, Samson Ngoma

Samson Ngoma is a farmer growing crops and besides that he keeps goats, sheep, chicken and pigs. His animals need a lot of water and the pump helps Samson a lot. He sells to his neighbours, teachers and restaurants in town. Now he is planning to expand his livestock keeping. 


Samson Ngoma is married and lives with his wife and children at Kanyemba farm in Misholo. He farms crops like; maize, sunflowers, groundnuts and cow peas. Next to farming he is keeping livestock like: sheep, goats, pigs and chicken. He sells his products to neigbours, teachers and small restaurants in town. He realized that when he wants to expand his livestock business, he needs a lot of water. That is why he applied for the partly sponsored pump.

Samson and his wife

Samson and his wife

Samson was an excellent and motivated participant during the business training. He has good ideas to expand his business.

Samson during the business training

Samson (right) during the business training

Samson Ngoma was sponsored by:

Logo Castricum Helpt

This is part of a bigger project sponsored by several donors among them is also Aqua for All.



Jacana supported Samson with a partly sponsored pump.

So he can:

  • expand his livestock keeping
  • get access to cleaner water for the household.


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