Farmer, Evans Banda

Farmer Evans Banda sells tomato outside of the normal season and make a nice profit because he has an affordable pump on an affordable borehole that gives water the whole year.
Farmer Evans has a lovely family who helps him a lot in his garden. The video below shows Evans before he got help from Jacana.

Mr. Evans lives with his family in Chimwemwe in Msekera area. Together with his family he grows crops, like maize, groundnuts, beans and cow peas and vegetables like, tomatoes, rape, onions, cabbages and potatoes. Especially for the vegetables it is very important to have water. With a pump Mr. Evans and his family can farm many more vegetables, for example green maize in the dry season.  

Evans Banda and family

Evans Banda and family

Mr. Evans son attended the business training and he transferred the knowledge to his father. Together they discussed about the expansion plans. They want to grow more vegetables and grow green maize in dry season. Together they made realistic calculations and plans, that is why Jacana believes in the business of Evans and his son Raban.

Raban Banda in training

Raban Banda during business training



The pump on the new manually drilled borehole was donated by De Johanna Donk-Groote stichting

This project is part of a bigger project, sponsored by Aqua for All.

Jacana will support Evans with a partly sponsored pump on a borehole.

So he can:

  • expand his farming activities also in the dry season
  • get access to cleaner water for the household.


Guiding & Monitoring data

On 20 October 2018, Driller Hasting Mbewe completed the borehole and installed a pump made by Gideon Phiri.

Evans Banda's pump

Evans Banda’s pump


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