Farmer, Elina Zulu

Elina Zulu is a farmer, growing maize and other field crops. As a female entrepreneur, she is an inspiration to other women in the community. At the moment she wants to expand into gardening and poultry. She is excited that Jacana helped her to pay for a pump and a ground water recharge system.
The video below was taken before the project started:

Hastings Mbewe and Steven Zulu installed a pump at farmer Elina Zulu. They also made a ground water recharge system for her. It will catch a lot of water this raining season. The pump was made by Moses Banda.

Pump at framer Elina Zulu

Pump at framer Elina Zulu

Water recharge at Elina

Water recharge at Elina

Elina is married with 6 children; she is living with her husband at their owned farm. Presently, she is growing field crops but she wants to expand into garden and poultry once water is available.

Elina Zulu and Son

Elina and Son


Elina Zulu Farmer

Women entrepreneurs are among the people heading families and fighting poverty in many communities of Zambia. They are the ones caring and providing for families and Elina is that kind of entrepreneur. Besides growing maize, groundnuts and beans, Elina wants to expand into chicken poultry and gardening. Living in a dam area for many years, Elina discovered that not many people are interested in growing vegetables and rearing chickens even though the products are marketable and profitable if properly managed.

After determining to expand in this direction, Elina realized two things where necessary: water and the business skills. Consequently, she attended the 3days of Jacana business training of which she was very successful and motivated. Now that she is ready to expand, water still remains a challenge hence she has paid 70 Euros to Jacana SMART centre as part of the required amount for her pump, hoping that Jacana would cover up the deficit. Would you join us to support a female entrepreneur with any small donation towards her pump?


Jacana will support Elina with partly sponsored borehole and guidance:

So she can:

  • Expand into garden and poultry business.
  • Provide basic education for her children.

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