Well digger & brick maker, Moses and Osward

Well digger and brick maker, Osward Mwanza and Moses Banda, have seen the need for water in their area and want to learn manual borehole drilling and construction of good quality pumps with local materials. Jacana asks a small financial contribution from you to be able to help and guide them for a year.

€ 2,000 raised now, still € 0 of € 2,000 needed.

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Expert Henk Holtslag

SMARTech advisor Henk Holtslag is willing to train them in manual borehole drilling and construction of rope pumps.Henk Holtslag

April 2017

Moses had produced his first pump and when Jacana inspected this pump it was to the standard the quality was undeniable. Osward and Moses build their new workshop.

March, 2017

Moses participated as welder in the three weeks technical training and Moses was eager to learn and humble enough to ask questions in the end he successfully acquired skills in fabrication of the following technologies:

  • Auger production
  • Soil punch production
  • Bailer production (Mzuzu type)
  • EMAS pump production
  • Rope pump Model 1 and Model 4 production
Moses working on his first rope pump model 1

Moses working on his first rope pump model 1

Osward also participated in the 3 weeks Jacana’s technical training but as a driller, his input was great. He displayed unwavering passion for his job and has acquired adequate drilling skills in the following technologies:

  • Auguring
  • Soil punching
  • Mzuzu drilling with chisel, open and closed bailers
  • Drilling using Jetting
  • Drilling by Sledging
  • Bapthist drilling (percussion)
  • Corbel, open well covering
Osward SHIPO Drilling

Osward SHIPO Drilling

January 2017

Without climbing inside, Osward & Moses made their well 4 meters deeper using 4″ casing and the Mzuzu drilling method. The well has now 5 meters of water (which could not be possible by digging). It’s private owned but shared with at least 49 community members.

November/December 2016

Moses and Osward drilled with two other drillers two boreholes. They constructed the apron and installed the rope pumps. One pump is installed at Jacana demonstration plot and the other at a farmers plot.

The also started drilling a borehole at a mushroom cultivators business. Unfortunately they only could go up to 9 meters and no water was found. After March when Osward and Moses are trained in the SHIPO drilling method, which goes up to 40 meter deep, they will drill deeper and install the pump.

Installing first rope pump in Chipata

Mrs. Sakala using pump

  • Mozes and Osward in trainingMozes and Osward in trainingMoses and Osward attended the Jacana basic training for three days. During the training they showed a lot of motivation and perseverance. They really want to make their business a success. Jacana believe that Mozes and Osward have the potential to be great businessmen and become role models for other Zambians.
  • Moses and Osward have assisted Jacana in testing some SMARTechnologies in Chipata, where soil conditions are known to be difficult for drillers. Osward and Mozes have the perseverance to work, adjust and learn until there is water for their customer.

SHIPO drilling

  • Since Moses and Osward are willing to take a risk with these new technologies, Jacana wants to provide not only training and guidance, but also part of the initial tools and materials for a few pumps on display at their workshop.
  • Therefore Jacana wants to assist them to expand their business. So they can serve their communities with water. Jacan needs your financial help before starting because Jacana wants to ensure quality control. Every small amount is more than welcome. Simply fill in (above) any amount you can afford.

Simply fill in (above) any amount you can afford.Thank you on behalf of Moses and Osward!


Pumps on display


Simply fill in the amount above.

Simply fill in the amount above.

Moses has a wife (right side in green) and four childern. Osward is single and takes care of one child.
Family of Mozes Banda



Manual borehole drilling & pump production, business plan


Farmers  walk far to fetch water

Small farmers can’t afford machine drilled boreholes

Water is sometimes too deep for dug wells

Wells are drying


Farmers can afford the boreholes

Ground water recharge

We can go deeper than dug wells


Our boreholes and pumps are the most affordable on the market

It allows you to farm all year


New affordable method of drilling boreholes

Work according to quality standards


Farmers in our area.


Neighbouring farmers.


Coming of new faces

Increase of production


Word to Moth

Small sing board


We assume that farmers will like the new method of drilling and are willing to pay for it.


We take photos to the farmers and ask them if they are interested                                                     GO: If one says yes, we go


20 photos cost K 60



Click here to learn how to read a Lean Canvas Business model.

Jacana SMART Centre will:

  1. Train Osward and Mozes in manual drilling techniques (up to 40 meters deep)
  2. Train them in Rope pump and EMAS pump production and installation
  3. Train them in construction of ground water recharge systems
  4. Since Mozes and Osward are willing to take a risk with these new technologies, Jacana wants to provide not only training and guidance, but also part of the initial tools and materials for a few pumps on display at their workshop
  5. Guide them for 1 year and provide quality controle

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