Well digger & brick maker, Moses and Osward

Well digger and brick maker, Osward Mwanza and Moses Banda, have seen the need for water in their area and want to learn manual borehole drilling and construction of good quality pumps with local materials. 


Expert Henk Holtslag

SMARTech advisor Henk Holtslag is willing to train them in manual borehole drilling and construction of rope pumps.Henk Holtslag

July 2018

Moses Banda installed a pump at farmer Blackson Tembo.

Pump at Blackson Tembo

Pump at Blackson Tembo

Osward Mwanza installed a pump on an open well for Mr. Kanyama P. Tembo. Moses Mawele produced the pump..

Chadiza pump

Private pump on an open well

June 2018

Osward and Moses were assistant trainers during the three week technical training of 6 new drillers. Laban Kaduma (Tanzania) and Elias Muzamala (Malawi, CCAP SMART centre) were the trainers. The two performed well and motivated the participants.

May 2018

Joseph Kabwe produced a pump for a private customer: Masiye Women group. The borehole was drilled and a pump was installed by Hillary Phiri and and Moses Banda.

pump at Masiye women's club

pump at Masiye women’s club

April 2018

Moses produced a pump for Theressa Mbazima’s house.  Edward Tembo and  Michael Soko deepened a borehole a intstalled a pump

pump on deepened well Theressa Mbazima

Pump on deepened well, Theressa

March 2018

Michael Soko and Moses Banda drilled two private boreholes in Lundazi District. One borehole for a family and one for a village. The pumps were made by Gideon Phiri.

private customer Lundazi

Private customer Lundazi

Village pump in Lundazi District

Village pump in Lundazi District

February 2018

Moses Banda and Micheal Soko drilled a borehole at Stelia Tembo.

Pump at Stelia

Osward Mwanza and his drilling team just completed a borehole at Aseli. The borehole had initially given them challenges due to rocks in the area. They relocated into different areas until they found this possible and drillable area. Sometimes manual drilling has a lot to expect than many think. You might be required to shift to places before you can finally succeed with a borehole. The pump is produced by Gideon Phiri

Drilled and installed by Orsward

Moses Banda, Michael Soko, and Edward Tembo drilled a borehole and installed a pump at Pickson Nyirenda’s house. Gideon Phiri produced the pump.

pickson Nyirenda

Pump at Pickson Nyirenda’s house

January 2018

Lundazi - Chipata

Lundazi – Chipata

Moses Banda and Michael Soko drilled the first borehole outside Chipata district in a small town called Lundazi two hours drive from Chipata. The customer Mulabizi Nyimbili is a headteacher and gave the borehole as a Chrismas present to his parents. The customer paid for the entire operation, there was no sponsorship involved and the family is happy with the water which is a challenge is Lundazi. The pump was made by Gideon Phiri, who also took care of customer relation.

Mulabizi NyimbiliIn's pump in Lundazi district

Mulabizi NyimbiliIn’s pump in Lundazi district

Moses Banda made the pump and drilled a borehole together with Micheal Soko at beekeeper Maria Ngoma.

Maria Ngoma's family and pump

Maria Ngoma’s family and pump

December 2017

The well at farmer Loki Lungu could not be deepend. There where too many hard rocks. So Osward Mwanza drilled a new borehole, installed a pump (made by Gidoen Phiri) and made a ground water recharge system for the old dry well.

Pump at Loki lungu

Pump at Loki lungu

Drilling at Loki

Drilling at Loki

Moses Banda, Michael Soko and Edward Tembo drilled a borehole at beekeeper Chrispin Daka. The first attempt failed, but the team did not give up and the second attempt was successful. They even made a ground water recharge system next to the borehole. The pump was made by welder George Chulu.

Drilling at and with Crispin Daka

Drilling at and with Crispin Daka

Water recharche at Crispin Daka

Water recharche at Crispin

Pump at Chrispin Daka

Pump at Chrispin Daka

November 2017

Moses Banda made the pump for farmer Elina Zulu. Steven Zulu and Hastings Mbewe installed it. They also made a ground water recharge system for her. It will catch a lot of water this raining season.

Pump at framer Elina Zulu

Pump at framer Elina Zulu

October 2017

Osward wrote two quotations for two Self-supply clients. Moses also wrote two quotations for two potential clients. But Osward and Moses most likely have to wait because currently these customers are waiting for the goverment to pay for their maize. That money will be spend on pumps. Zambian goverment buys maize but pays later.

Osward drilled a new borehole at the garden of Chief Misholo and installed a pump.

Pump at garden of Chief Msholo

Pump at garden of Chief Misholo

September 2017

Osward and Moses decided to start their own companies. Osward is concentrating on drilling and Moses on production of pumps.

Osward, Moses and a other welders and drillers attended the Agri Pro Focus Conference and advised farmers about manual drilling  and the rope pump. Many farmers showed interest and together with Pious from Jacana they went to some potential clients.

Osward drilling at Agri Pro Focus Conference

Moses explaining about the working of the rope pump at Agri Pro Focus Conference

Moses made a pump for at their workshop and installed it on the borehole that Osward dilled.

Pump at workshop Moses and Osward

Pump at workshop Moses and Osward

August 2017

Osward drilled at Bernadette’s place high in the mountain where no truck or heavy drilling machine can come.

Drilling high in the mountain at Bernadette

Drilling high in the mountain at Bernadette

Moses installed a pump on an existing well at Chief Chinyaku.

Pump at Chief Chinyaku

Pump at Chief Chinyaku

Rik is helping the team with weekly planning and bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping for multiple owner companies

Bookkeeping for multiple owner companies

July 2017

Osward drilled a bore hole at their workshop going 21 meters deep.

Drilling at Workshop

Drilling at Workshop

Moses made 5 pumps for stock and display for their company.

Making pumps for stock and display

Making pumps for stock and display

June 2017

Drillers deepened the well of Mr Malambo during training (in March) and Moses Banda made and installed the pump.

Pump At Malambo

Pump At Malambo

Osward and Moses drilled at the house of Moses Banda and learned a lot on drilling it sandy layers.

Drilling at Moses Banda's family in sandy layers

Drilling at Moses Banda’s family in sandy layers

Drilling and Pump at Moses Banda

Drilling and Pump at Moses Banda

They drilled at Mr. Chimbwe’s plot just on the Great East road, where soil was hard and rocks had to be broken.

Pump Rabson Chibwe Great East road

Pump Rabson Chibwe Great East road

Both pumps were installed and checked by Jacana SMART center and approved. You can find them on the map at https://jacana.help/mwater

May 2017

Moses and Osward build their own workshop from scratch using their own brick of course.

New Workshop Moses and Osward

New Workshop Moses and Osward

April 2017

Moses had produced his first pump and when Jacana inspected this pump it was to the standard the quality. Osward and Moses built their new workshop.

March, 2017

Moses participated as welder in the three weeks technical training and Moses was eager to learn and humble enough to ask questions in the end he successfully acquired skills in fabrication of the following technologies:

  • Auger production
  • Soil punch production
  • Bailer production (Mzuzu type)
  • EMAS pump production
  • Rope pump Model 1 and Model 4 production
Moses working on his first rope pump model 1

Moses working on his first rope pump model 1

Osward also participated in the 3 weeks Jacana’s technical training but as a driller, his input was great. He displayed unwavering passion for his job and has acquired adequate drilling skills in the following technologies:

  • Auguring
  • Soil punching
  • Mzuzu drilling with chisel, open and closed bailers
  • Drilling using Jetting
  • Drilling by Sledging
  • Bapthist drilling (percussion)
  • Corbel, open well covering
Osward SHIPO Drilling

Osward SHIPO Drilling

January 2017

Osward and Moses made a borehole at Joseph Kabwe as experiment for the SMART Centre tot test technology and soil conditions. The borehole produces a enhough water and we learned a lot.

Drilling and Pump at Joseph Kabwe

Drilling and Pump at Joseph Kabwe

Without climbing inside, Osward & Moses made their well 4 meters deeper using 4″ casing and the Mzuzu drilling method. The well has now 5 meters of water (which could not be possible by digging). It’s private owned but shared with at least 49 community members.

November/December 2016

Moses and Osward drilled with two other drillers two boreholes. They constructed the apron and installed the rope pumps. One pump is installed at Jacana demonstration plot and the other at a farmers plot.

The also started drilling a borehole at a mushroom cultivators business. Unfortunately they only could go up to 9 meters and no water was found. After March when Osward and Moses are trained in the SHIPO drilling method, which goes up to 40 meter deep, they will drill deeper and install the pump.

Installing first rope pump in Chipata

Mrs. Sakala using pump


Moses has a wife (right side in green) and four childern. Osward is single and takes care of one child.
Family of Mozes Banda

Moses and Osward have a brick making business together. Moses was also welder in the past. The want to expand their business by drilling boreholes and installation of pumps and production of pumps. Therefore they both attended a business training and the technical training in March 2017.

Mozes and Osward in training

Mozes and Osward in the business training


Manual borehole drilling & pump production, business plan


Farmers  walk far to fetch water

Small farmers can’t afford machine drilled boreholes

Water is sometimes too deep for dug wells

Wells are drying


Farmers can afford the boreholes

Ground water recharge

We can go deeper than dug wells


Our boreholes and pumps are the most affordable on the market

It allows you to farm all year


New affordable method of drilling boreholes

Work according to quality standards


Farmers in our area.


Neighbouring farmers.


Coming of new faces

Increase of production


Word to Moth

Small sing board


We assume that farmers will like the new method of drilling and are willing to pay for it.


We take photos to the farmers and ask them if they are interested                                                     GO: If one says yes, we go


20 photos cost K 60



Click here to learn how to read a Lean Canvas Business model.

Jacana SMART Centre will:

  1. Train Osward and Mozes in manual drilling techniques (up to 40 meters deep)
  2. Train them in Rope pump and EMAS pump production and installation
  3. Train them in construction of ground water recharge systems
  4. Since Mozes and Osward are willing to take a risk with these new technologies, Jacana wants to provide not only training and guidance, but also part of the initial tools and materials for a few pumps on display at their workshop
  5. Guide them for 1 year and provide quality controle

Kootje Fundatien made it possible for Jacana to train and guide Moses and Osward in business skills.

The borehole with pump for Moses was donated by Solidariteitsfonds Keizersgrachtkerk. The borehole with pump for Osward was donated by Castricum helpt Muttathara.

This all part of a bigger project, sponsored by Wilde Ganzen and Aqua for All.




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