Brick maker, Royce Banda

Royce Banda is a community health volunteer worker helping pregnant women and children on diet and safe delivery at hospital.  She also has a field for maize, groundnuts and bananas. Royce wants to start moulding bricks for sale. She believes that the business is profitable, for she had once tried it but could not continue due to water challenges. Jacana wants to partly sponsor a water borehole for Royce therefore; your final contribution no matter how small is more than welcome.


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Royce Banda in training

Royce Banda in training

Royce serves as a community health volunteer for over seventeen years now. She helps pregnant women on diet and taking them to hospital for delivery. Her service to the community is highly appreciated owing to the fact that she is volunteering. Besides, Royce is an industrious farmer growing maize, groundnuts and bananas.

She had previously started brick moulding business but could not continue due to water challenges. With the desire to restart her business of brick moulding, Royce joined the business training at Jacana to gain more knowledge of business management and finance.

During the training, she exhibited motivation and eagerness to learn new skills for her business. Jacana believes that Royce is a hardworking person and can easily expand if water was provided for her brick moulding business. We therefore wish to ask you if you would donate some coins for her to get a borehole, this will put her through in business.

Thank you on behalf of Royce Banda!


Royce Banda is married with 6 children. She is a community health volunteer who works with pregnant women on diet and health precaution during pregnancy. Royce owns a farm where she is growing field crops such as maize, groundnuts and soya beans. She wants to start a brick moulding business once water is provided.
Royce Banda's family

Royce Banda’s family

Jacana will support Royce Banda with partly sponsored borehole, expertise and guidance:

So she can:

  • Start her brick moulding business.
  • Manage her financial books proficiently.
  • rovide basic education for her children.


This  section will be filled once funds are raised and the project starts.

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