Farmer, Marksensio Phiri

Marksensio is a hard working farmer. He sees opportunities to expand his farming business when he gets access to water throughout the year. He is very happy that Jacana supports him.

We stopped adding monitoring data after August 2018.

August 2018

In the fourth attempt water was found just in 2 days drilling. Michael installed the pump and Marksensio made a nice fence to protect it from animals.

Pump from Marksensio

Pump from Marksensio

July 2018

The borehole drilling started in July 2018 by Michael Soko. It was not an easy job, 3 times the driller hit a hard rock at 9 to 10 meters. The fourth time Michael and his team succeeded its August now.

The drilling of the borehole at Marksensio's place

First drilling attempt of the borehole at Marksensio’s place

Marksensio is married and has 4 children. He also takes care of 2 children from his relatives. Marksensio runs the farming business together with his wife. They are hard working people and they grow a lot of crops during the rainy season.

Marksensio, his wife, his mother and two of his children

Marksensio was very active during the business training. He was eager to learn and want to practice what he learned.

Marksensio in the training

Now he has access to water throughout the year and he can start an orange orchard and moulding bricks. This will be an extra income for the periods that there is no rain.

The borehole and pump was sponsored by Marie-Stella-Maris.

Marie-Stella-Maris foundation


Jacana supported Marksensio Phiri with a pump.

So he can:

·         Start his brick moulding business.

·         Start his orange orchard

·         Provide basic education for his children.


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