Farmer, Uveren' Gapi Jere

Five months without a drop of rain is no problem for farmer Uveren’Gapi. With her affordable pump on a hand drilled borehole she can not only farm during dry season, she even extended her farmland. She sells vegetables when almost nobody can.

This video was taken at the end of 5 months drought.


Uveren’gapi Jere is married and a mother of 1 child and takes care of 3 foster children. She lives in Maulawo village of Luangeni constituency. Uveren’gapi is a vigorous and productive entrepreneur woman in farming and horticulture business for a number of years now. In her garden she is constantly and efficiently farming onions, tomatoes, bananas, sugar canes, rape and cabbages. At this moment she wants to expand her horticulture business by starting with the extension of her farming area from half an acre to two acres. Second she wants to start farming potatoes which she thinks has market. Furthermore, plans are underway to open a chicken poultry.

She has now a partly sponsored borehole with a pump and that makes that she has access to water throughout the year. She can start making her dreams come through.

Uveren'gapi Jere

Uveren’gapi with her family (mother of 1 child and 3 foster children).

Uveren'gapi Jere

Uveren’gapi Jere during the business training

Uveren’gapi enjoyed the business training, making plans for the future.

sWe stopped adding monitoring data after December 2018 for Uveren’gaphi Jere but he is still using the skills he learned from Jacana.

December 2018

Uveren’Gapi was interviewed in December 2018 and this is what she said about the benefits of the pump.


October 2017

Although it is almost end of dry season and the small stream is dry for some time, Uveren’Gapi is still farming and even extending her land.

While other people are not able to grow or sell vegetables in this season, Uvenren’Gapi can sell.

Farmland of Uveren'Gapi

Farmland of Uveren’Gapi

September 2017

The little stream has dried up.

Normaly the farming season ends here in September.

Dry stream at Uveren'Gapi

Dry stream at Uveren’Gapi

But this year Uveren’Gapi continues farming with the water from the pump. In future she might buy a tank or even a motorized pump. But first she will raise some more money with this pump.

Water can with water from the pump

Water can with water from the pump

August 2017

Edward, Micheal and Hillary drilled a borehole and installed a pump at Uveren’Gapi’s farm.

Michael drilling at Uveren'Gapi

Michael drilling at Uveren’Gapi


Pump at Uveren'Gapi

Pump at Uveren’Gapi

June 2017

The little stream still gives enough water. The drilling team -who surveyed the place- will use this water for drilling.

Stream with water at Uveren'Gapi

Stream with water at Uveren’Gapi



Jacana supported Uveren’gapi with a partly sponsored borehole with rope pump.

She can start her horticulture expansion

Save for her poultry house.

The pump on a manual drilled borehole is donated by:

This is part of a bigger project, sponsored by Aqua for All.


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