Farmer, Uveren'gapi Jere

Uveren’gapi is a young woman and promising entrepreneur who wants to expand her farming business by growing more vegetables that are marketable. A borehole and rope pump makes it possible for her to grow vegetables throughout the year. The borehole and water pump will enable her to grow in her farming business without limitations. For this reason; Jacana asks a small financial contribution from you.

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Uveren’gapi is a vigorous and productive entrepreneur woman in farming and horticulture business for a number of years now. In her garden she is constantly and efficiently farming onions, tomatoes, bananas, sugar canes, rape and cabbages. Upon realizing the importance of skill enhancement in her business Uveren’gapi attended the two days of business training conducted by Jacana. During the Jacana basic training she demonstrated high level of impetus and enthusiasm. At this moment she wants to expand her horticulture business by starting with the extension of her farming area from half an acre to two acres. Second she wants to start farming potatoes which she thinks has market. Furthermore, plans are underway to open a chicken poultry.

In Africa women feed most families, they are industrious, dependable and families look up to them for provision. Presently, Uveren’ gapi is a mother of 1 child and has 3 foster children under her care. With such a huge responsibility, she is actively engaged in farming business. However, she’s being limited by water challenges prevailing in the area as a result of climate change therefore, she has requested a borehole and pump from Jacana for her business. This borehole and pump will enable her to farm whole year-round and become self-sustainable and sufficient as an entrepreneur. Uveren’gapi is committed to her dream of a reliable water source, she has already sourced and paid 70 Euros towards the required amount of money for the borehole and pump and hoping that Jacana together with well wishers could help her with the balance.

Based on the above discourse, Jacana appeal to you well wishers to contribute any amount of money towards Uveren’gapi’s borehole and pump. This will elevate this visionally women entrepreneur and she will be able to lift her family out of poverty, provide basic education to foster children and probably provide employment to fellow community members. Thank you for your generosity and willingness to help a woman became a successful entrepreneur.

Uveren'gapi Jere


Simply fill in (above) any amount you can afford.Thank you for helping a woman!

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Simply fill in the amount above.


Uveren’gapi Jere is married and a mother of 1 child and takes care of 3 foster children. She lives in Maulawo village of Luangeni constituency. She is an industrious women coupled with the skills of her husband who is a tailor.

Uveren'gapi Jere

Uveren’gapi with her family (mother of 1 child and 3 foster children).

Jacana will support Uveren’gapi in:

  • Providing a partly sponsored rope pump.
  • Guidance in book keeping and financial management.
  • Guidance in business management.

 When the project has enough funding, Jacana starts guiding Uveren’gapi and will monitor her.

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