Farmer, James Mbewe

James Mbewe is a farmer with a big family who lives from farming. He is a dynamic and focused entrepreneur.James wants to expand into green pepper growing. A borehole and water pump is pre-requisite for his expansion. Jacana helped him in this process and partly sponsored a borehole, pump and tank. Take a look how James provides free water to his community and benfits from the community getting free water for irrigation.

December 2017

What 2017 did for farmer James Mbewe.

What 2017 did for farmer James Mbewe.

October 2017

Driller Hasting and Reuben made a tank at farmer James Mbewe.

Tank at James Mbewe

Tank at James Mbewe

Now when the community gets free water, they automatically also put a bucket of water in James his tank ready for irrigation. This way, there is no complex payment system needed for the water.

Tank at James Mbewe

Tank at James Mbewe

James and his family made a ground water recharge system to collect as much rain water as they can and store it in the ground for later use. Here is a video of children copying soil punching technique. If a child can do it, so can you. Right?

September 2017

Edward, Micheal and Hillary drilled a borehole and installed a pump at Jame Mbwewe.

Edward drilling at James Mbewe

Edward drilling at James Mbewe

James and his pump

James and his pump









James is a farmer who manages to raise and support his family, provide basic education and makes some profit out his farming business. He is a role model to many people of his village. James is farming tomatoes, rape, cabbage, onions and fresh maize in huge quantities and sells his products to the marketeers. He has plans to expand his business by farming green pepper and supply retailers at the local market. At the moment he faces water challenges in the area where he is located. The streams dry up causing it difficult to have a continuous production.



Jacana believes that James has capabilities that are worth investing in and that he is on his way to great success. For him to expand there is need for a reliable water source, a borehole and water pump would be ideal for him. He is very committed to have water at his disposal; he has already paid 70 Euros towards his borehole. Jacana appreciates people that make every effort to see themselves succeed. For this reason, Jacana is excited to partner with you so that together we help finance a borehole and water pump for James. Your financial contribution will be highly regarded and appreciated. Let us help industrious Africans who are able to lead others out of poverty.

Thank you for helping James Mbewe!

Simply fill in (above) any amount you can afford.

Simply fill in the amount above.

Simply fill in the amount above.


James Mbewe is a dynamic entrepreneur from Lembani village. He has a big family that helps him in gardening and general farming.

James and his family








Jacana will support James in:

  1. Providing a partly sponsored water pump.
  2. Guidance in book keeping and financial management.
  3. Monitoring, guidance and reporting.

Want to expand in growing green pepper


Saturday market marketeers cannot find fresh and affordable green pepper.

Saturday market marketeers cannot find a continuous supplier of green pepper

Saturday market marketeers cannot find a supplier that would deliver to them.



Plenty of water and good managed green pepper

Green pepper at all stages of growth

Delivery services available


Buy here:

Fresh and affordable green pepper.

Stock always available




Marketeers in Chipata


Saturday market


Customers coming back and buy

Increase in profit

High demand for the product


Word of mouth


Existing customers


I think that Saturday market customers will like my fresh green pepper and that they will  buy in the future from me at k30 per box.


I will take samples of green pepper to 10 Saturday market marketeers.  GO when 5 agrees and are willing to buy then I will invest


Buying price K 20 for 7 kg


K 30 per box

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