Petronella needs safe water for her pre-school pupils

Loving, caring and dedicated teacher Petronella Kuwenda runs a private pre-school at ZNBC area in Chipata, Zambia. Jacana supported the school with a partly sponsored pump on an open well together with a water filter. The children can drink clean and safe water. 
It is a joy watching Petronella interact with her pupils. Learning by playing and having fun is what really works at this age. The children love her and visa versa. Petronella and father Joseph understand the needs of the village and where development for the next generation starts.

Petronella went for a course “Early Childhood Education” in Lusaka. The first few years she worked at a school in Chipata town. She however realized that in the area where she lives there were no facilities for children in the age from 2 up to 5 year. She decided to start a pre-primary class in 2014. Her enrollment is about 35 children every term. From the little money parent pay she can maintain the school and get a salary out of it.

ZNBCThe school is near to ZNBC-area, an area dedicated for future use by the Zambian national television and broadcasting company. We are sure in future some of their staff will from this school. Maybe a few pupils from the video above.


Petronella and her kids


Her father Joseph Kuwenda attended the business training and shares his knowledge with Petronella.

Joseph Kuwenda in training

Joseph Kuwenda in training





We stopped adding monitoring data after August 2018.

July/August 2018

During three session Petronella made a business plan for her expansion ideas and a financial plan.

Petronella and Dinie

Petronella during the business training

Petronella during business training

April 2018

The rainy season has ended and the school can be reached again by car. A meeting was planned with Petronella. Phonics method was discussed. Petronella will see if this way of reading new letters and basic words for pre-school children is something she can use in the future. Further will she find out if it is possible to be a member of the library so that she can borrow some books for reading aloud in the classroom.

She hired an assistant to help her with the 40 children she has in her class at this moment.

February 2018

Cholera affected Zambia and that is why Petronella is filtering the water before drinking. Jacana gave her two water filters so that the children and Petronella drink safe and clean water.

January 2018

Petronella went around with Dinie to find out how her school can be officially registered. They went to District Education Office, PACRA and ZRA. The same month Petronella registered her school officially at PACRA.


The driller Edward Tembo and his helper Moses installed a pump for the pre-school. The pump was made by Moses Mawele.

Petronella's Pump and her father Joseph

Petronella’s Pump and her father Joseph

The drilling team also made a ground water recharge system.

Edward Tembo making a ground water tube recharge system

Edward Tembo making a ground water tube recharge system

A few minutes later it started to rain and the system collected water for the first time. This water is added to the ground water and is stored there for use during dry season.

Ground water tube recharge system is working

Ground water tube recharge system is working




The pump on the open well was donated by:

This is part of a bigger project, donated by Aqua for All.

Wim Tijhaar Foundation donated for the guidance of Petronella for one year. Jacana will guide her in upgrading and expanding her school.




Jacana will support the pre-school with access to safe water at the premises.

Jacana will guide Petronell for one year in upgrading her  school.






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