Petronella needs safe water for her pre-school pupils

Loving, caring and dedicated teacher Petronella Kuwenda runs a private pre-school at ZNBC area in Chipata, Zambia. She wants to expand but needs safe water for the children. Drillers and pump producers (trained by Jacana) from the same area will help her.

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Joseph Kuwenda in training

Joseph Kuwenda in training


Petronella and her father Joseph Kuwenda (in picture) are very dedicated to help their community. They understand that young children have great learning potential and that development starts there. Jacana believes in this concept and has witnessed the ambition and perseverance during business training. Jacana likes to provide safe water to the school, together with the trained manual drillers and local pump producers.

Petronella and her father already raised 90 euro. Can we help them raise the remaining amount?

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It is a join watching Petronella interact with her pupils. Learning by playing and having fun is what really works at this age. The children love her and visa versa. Petronella and father Joseph understand the needs of the village and where development for the next generation starts.

ZNBCThe school is near to ZNBC-area, an area dedicated for future use by the Zambian national television and broadcasting company. We are sure in future some of their staff will from this school. Maybe a few pupils from the video above.

When we were taking the video, we would almost sing along with the children is it such a good atmosphere. If we did not have a busy schedule, we would have been sitting attending her class even as you read this.



Jacana will support the pre-school with access to safe water at the premises.

Jacana will guide Petronell for one year in the expansion of her school.

The school could use extra support which is not in our plan, but if you want, contact Petronella with the form above and we can link you up.




Guiding & Monitoring data

Once funds are raised and experts found, we will start the project and provide monthly updates here.

Hope to see you soon here again.

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