Driller, Erasmus Zulu

Erasmus is a key person in his village and he was trained to maintain community pumps. Jacana trained him in manual drilling and pump installation. Erasmus wants to expand his business by drilling boreholes and install rope pumps for his community members and others. 


August 2018

Pump from Erasmus

Pump from Erasmus

The pump from Erasmus is used by 15 neighboring households. Previously there was only one community pump in the village with always a long queue. The queue is dissolving thanks to the new “private” owned boreholes of Erasmus and Fransisco. People do not have to pay for the water. The hard work of drilling has paid off.

The next generation manual drillers is flourishing close to the home of Erasmus.


July 2018

Erasmus is drilling with Obuloni, Andrew and Francisco four boreholes at their houses. These boreholes are for the family and neighbors for domestic use, but also for marketing purposes. Erasmus can show the customers the rope pump and explain more about manual drilling.

Erasmus and the group drilling in the village

Erasmus and the group drilling in the village





Erasmus is married and has a lot of children and he lives in Mkwekwe village, section B in Khova Ward. He is very active in the village and he is trained to mend community pumps. Next to that he is a farmer and he farms together with his wife and children.

Erasmus with some of his children.

Erasmus wants to expand his business in manual drilling of boreholes and installation of pumps. He followed a business training and a three week technical training. He performed very good and Jacana will guide him expanding his business.


Erasmus following the business training

Erasmus during the Jacana technical training

The training, borehole and pump of Erasmus was donated by:

Marie-Stella-Maris foundation



Jacana trained Erasmus in business skills and provided a three week technical training in manual drilling and pump installation.

Jacana will guide Erasmus in:

  • bookkeeping
  • contract writing
  • marketing skills


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