Farmer, Patricia Zulu

Patricia Zulu lives in Fulata village in Madzimoyo, Chipata. There are many gardeners in her village but her gardens stands out because of how she looks after it.
She uses a stream as her water source. The stream runs throughout the year and she uses a portable solar pump which she got from Jacana as a partly sponsored beneficiary.


Below is an introduction video of Patricia Zulu, before receiving support from Jacana.

Patricia Zulu inspires farmers on portable solar pump

About  Patricia Zulu

Patricia is an enterprising woman. Apart from her farming endeavours and vegetable farming activities, she also keeps broiler chicken (for meat), chicken layers (for eggs) and bakes buns, which she sells to her neighbours in her community.

She is married, has four children and looks after seven orphaned children. She, together with her husband, manages to take care of the family using the income they make from the above-mentioned activities.

In her village Fulata, she inspires others to take advantage of opportunities that provide access to assistance that could help their community and individuals to improve on their efforts to increase their livelihoods. She does this by word and by example.


Patricia Zulu is sponsored by AFAS Foundation



Jacana’s role

Jacana will provide Patricia with the following support:

– Business and financial training.
– A mobile solar pump.
– Agro support (partly sponsored agro supplies and inputs) and guidance
– Bookkeeping guidance.

Provided training

You can also download the manuals for these trainings:

Agro training


Guidance and monitoring

November 2023

Chongo (Jacana field officer) found Patricia checking her bookkeeping sheets, adding her expenses and income, to see whether she made a profit or loss on her cabbage sales. She was happy to find that she had made a profit  from the total sales of cabbages.

Patricia is very happy with these bookkeeping sheets and thanked Jacana for teaching her. She is also using the same bookkeeping system for her chicken business.

August 2023

Patricia proudly showing her first batch of cabbages that she planted about two months ago. By August, Patricia and her husband were transplanting another batch of the Riana F1 cabbages. She is applying the suggestion of staging which she learned from Jacana, for a consistence supply.

July 2023

In July, Chongo found that the cabbages had successfully germinated and looking healthy. The Riana F1 cabbages are a hybrid crop, an improved variety Patricia is trying out on her 50 x 50 AFAS “from auto-pilot to champion farmer” project.

May 2023

Field officer Chongo Phiri delivered two types of seed (Riana F1 cabbage and Red Creole onion) to Patricia. Patricia contributed 40% of the cost for the seeds and 60% was paid from the the project funds.

Chongo found that Patricia, with the help of her family, had started preparing land for planting the onions and cabbages.

Patricia has already started entering transactions in her book keeping sheets, which she got as part of her training in how to keep financial records.

Land prepared for cabbage transplanting and picture of Patricia’s garden layout plan.

December 2022

In December 2022, Patricia attended an organic fertilizer-making workshop organized by Jacana.

She learnt how to make four types of fertilizers: Lab Serum, Berkeley compost, bocashi and tea fertilizer. In the picture below, Patricia is pouring water on a mixture of ingredients to make bocashi bio-fertilizer.

September 2022

Patricia Zulu attending a business and financial planning at Jacana. She learnt to make her own business plan, financial plan. She made a business plan for a vegetable called “bondwe” (Amaranthus), which is popular during the rainy season and grows naturally but not commonly cultivated.

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