Farmer, Blackson Tembo

Blackson Tembo has four acres of land and sees opportunities to grow green maize in the dry season and he wants to start a fish pond. He is very happy that Jacana wants to support him.
Blackson is married and has 12 children and many grandchildren. Together with his wife he is farming on four acres of land. During the rainy season he grows maize, sunflowers, soya beans and cassava.

Blackson, wife and daughter

Blackson followed the business training given by Jacana. In this training he focused on his expansion possibilities. The idea is, when he gets access to water throughout the year, to start growing green maize and start fish farming.

Blackson at the business training

With the money he earns he will open an account and send his grandchildren to school.

The borehole and pump was sponsored by Marie-Stella-Maris.

Marie-Stella-Maris foundation


Monitoring data

The pump was installed in July 2018 by Moses Banda

Pump at Blackson Tembo’s farm


Jacana supported Blackson Tembo with a pump.

So he can:

·         Start growing green maize.

·         Start his fish pont

·         Provide basic education for his (grand)children.


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