Farmer, Adrinah Zulu

Farmer, Adrinah Zulu, is a hard working woman. She is widow and mother of two children and she takes care of 8 orphans. Sending all the children to school cost a lot of money and that is why Adrinah requested for a partly sponsored pump. With this pump she will start growing tomatoes and potatoes. With the profit she can send one of the children to an agriculture college. Now she has water throughout the year and that changed her life, the water is used for household use, the neighbors use it also and she can grow vegetables in the dry season.


Trained and guided by mushroom expert Bernadette.

Adrinah is a widow and mother of two children. Next to her own children she takes care of 8 orphans. Sending all the children to school cost a lot of money and Adrinah is very active in providing money for the children’s benefit. She works as a matron at a girls boarding school in Chipata. At her house in Chipata she has a vegetable garden. From this garden she sells the vegetables at the market.

In Mutenguleni she has another piece of land. Her parents and her sister are living there and Adrinah planned to go there in 2022. In the meanwhile she wants to start farming on this piece of land. Unfortunately she had not enough water to farm throughout the year. With the partly sponsored pump she can farm throughout the year and earn some extra money to send the children to school.

Next to farming she wants to start cultivating oyster mushrooms and for this she needs every day at least 60 liters of water. The pump will help her enormously, but before she can start she needed some knowledge on mushroom cultivation.


Jacana found a trainer, Bernadette Phiri, who was guided by Jacana in mushroom cultivation. Jacana found 5 other interested people who wanted to start mushroom cultivation and planned a training for two days. The first day the group was trained in the theory of mushroom growing and practicals and the second day they worked on a business plan and the cost calculation of 1kg of oyster mushrooms.


The pump on the manual drilled borehole is partly sponsored by Missie, Ontwikkeling en Vrede (MOV) group, Parochie Heilige Franciscus, Asten-Someren.

Also the oyster mushroom training was donated by MOV Parochie Heilige Franciscus group.





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