Farmer, Kelvin

Kelvin is an industrious farmer who is determined to alleviate poverty in his family and make some profit out of his business. After years of farming other products, Kelvin wants to expand his farmland. A borehole and pump makes his dream come true.

October 2017

Kelvin extended his farming land up to the pump area.

Farmer Kelvin's pump

Farmer Kelvin’s pump

September 2017

Drillers Steven and Hastings drilled a borehole at the top of Kelvin’s farm land and installed a pump there.

Steven drilling at Kelvin's farm

Steven drilling at Kelvin’s farm

Kelvin is in the farming business for more than 6 years now. He often grows vegetables, maize and tomatoes. Besides that, he also has cattle at his premise. Kelvin wants to expand into farming potatoes; he has already prepared enough land for this product. After a thorough market survey, Kelvin believes that potatoes have a good market and it is worth investing on. Upon realizing the business idea, he attended the business training conducted by Jacana for him to acquire relevant skills in business management, book keeping and finance. During the Jacana basic training he demonstrated high level commitment and eagerness to learn.


Kelvin indeed has the potential to become a great entrepreneur as he endeavors to expand in potato growing nevertheless; his expansion is under a canopy of water challenges. He is adversely affected by shortage of rainfall throughout the year, rains are only available for not more than 6 months and this cannot guarantee success in potato growing. During an interview he expressed interest in a borehole and water pump.

This is a solution that would enable Kelvin to farm whole year-round. Potatoes have good market and that means his success is not very far from him. If he gets access to a reliable water source, he can expand and becomes sustainable. In showing his commitment to his dream, Kelvin has already sourced and paid 70 Euros towards his borehole and water pump with the hope that Jacana and other well wishers could financially meet him along the way.

To be able to partly sponsor this borehole and water pump for Kelvin, we need your financial help. If you help Kelvin you will be helping an industrious entrepreneur who is able to plough back into the community by providing jobs to others and walk his way out of poverty.

Every small amount is more than welcome.

Thank you for helping Kelvin Magawa!



Simply fill in the amount above.

Simply fill in the amount above.

Kelvin is a dynamic farmer and a cattle rearer, married to his lovely wife and the two are parents of 5 children.

Want to expand in potato growing


Marketeers cannot find a continuous supplier of potatoes.

Marketeers cannot find quality but affordable potato

Marketeers cannot find a local and reliable supplier of potato


Potato available at all growth levels of production

Delivery services available

Produced within Luangeni constituency


Buy here.

Fresh quality and affordable potatoes

Delivery service available on big orders.




Marketeers around Feni


Those who are already buying from me.


Are customers coming to buy

Through profit

Demand for product


Word of mouth

Calling them using phone numbers

Existing customers


I assume that marketeers will like my fresh quality and affordable potatoes and that they cannot find it nearby and that they are willing to buy from me in the future at

K 50 per packet.


I will take sample to marketeers and ask 4 people about the potato

GO: If two out of four like the potato and are willing to buy in the future then I will go ahead and invest.


Buying price of packet K20


K 50 per packet

Click here to learn how to read a Lean Canvas Business model.

Jacana will support Kelvin in:

  • Providing a partly sponsored water pump.
  • Guidance in book keeping and financial management.
  • Monitoring, guidance and reporting.

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