Farmer, Mackson Sakala

Mackson Sakala runs a farm with pigs, chickens, peanuts, soya beans and vegetables. His farm suffered heavily from drought. Jacana helped him with the first rope pump in the area. Now the farm in Zambia has water throughout the year. Good for rearing pigs, chicken, garden and in many ways for the family to.


Thanks to locally made pump,

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We stopped adding monitoring data after August 2016.

August 2016

Making a Soil punch

Making a Mzuzu drill

Muzuz drilling, making a well deeper

  • Pump is installed

Pump installation

 October 2016

  • Osward and Mozes made a Groud water Recharge system that collects clean rain water from the roof and puts it into the ground.

Ground water recharge pit

Making Tube recharge

  • Mr. Mackson Sakala expanded his farm again and restarted the vegetable garden.


Mr. Mackson Sakala is a retired field officer from the Msekera research center. He was been working in almost all corners of Zambia.

He has a wife and three sons and lots of grandchildren.

Jacana will support Mackson Sakala:

  1. Deepening the well to access ground water again
  2. Providing a pump
  3. Implemented a ground water recharge system to prevent the borehole from running dry in future.

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