Livestock farmer, Abraham Zulu

Abraham is a livestock farmer, providing for his family through general and livestock farming business. At the moment, he wants to expand into gardening and he is happy that Jacana will assist him with a partly sponsored borehole and guidance. For this reason, Jacana asks a small financial contribution from you.


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Abraham Zulu in Training

Abraham Zulu in Training

Real and well meaning entrepreneurs are those thinking about expanding. They direct their efforts in the area they want to expand and they do everything possible to see themselves achieving their objectives. Such is a case of Abraham.

Abraham owns a farm where he is currently farming field crops such as maize, groundnuts and beans. Besides this, he also has 14 cattle, 9 pigs and 32 village chickens. After a thorough survey of the area and the profitability of many businesses, Abraham wants to expand into garden. He believes that growing variety of vegetables would be profitable.

Anyone can have an idea to expand his business nevertheless knowledge, capacity and resources are prerequisite to expansion. Abraham successfully completed a 3 days of training at Jacana, however he finds it difficult to expand into garden due to shortage of water in the area. Already his animals have a challenge surviving and sometimes go many days without water. For this reason, he is doing everything possible to make sure that he brings water to his farm for his animals and gardening business.

Abraham approached Jacana SMART centre with 70 Euros as part of the required amount for his borehole, hoping that Jacana would cover up the deficit. Would you join us to support Abraham with any small donation towards his borehole?

Abraham is married and father of 8 children, living at his own farm near Apollo dam 2. He is a livestock farmer who wants to start growing garden vegetables, if water is provided.

Abraham Zulu with few of his children.

Abraham with few of his children.

Jacana will support Abraham with partly sponsored borehole and guidance so he can:

  • Expand into garden business.
  • Maximize the use of his water source for gardening and livestock

Guiding & Monitoring data

Once funds are raised and experts found, we will start the project and provide monthly updates here.

Hope to see you soon here again.

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