Farmer, Josphat Zulu

Farmer Josphat Zulu grows crops and vegetables. He wants to grow more vegetables throughout the year and for that he can use his pump very well. He is Jacana very grateful that they provided him with a partly sponsored borehole and pump. 


Josphat is a farmer from Misholo and he grows crops like maize and vegetables like green pumpkin leaves. At the moment his customers are locals, schools and Sub Centre. He wants to expand his gardening with 1 ha now he has access to water throughout the year. He wants to grow tomatoes, cabbage and other vegetables. He hopes to find more customers.

Josphat focused on finding new customers for his vegetables in the business training and he performed well during the training.


Josphat Zulu during training

Josphat during the business training


Monitoring data

August 2018

Hastings installed the pump on the open well and constructed the tank for irrigation purposes.



Jacana supported Josphat by providing a partly sponsored pump on an open well and a tank.

So he can:

  • expand her gardening activities
  • get access to cleaner water for the household.


Josphat got a partly sponsored pump on his open well and a tank. This was donated by Aqua for All.

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