16 Apr 2017 Creating Show case area

Jacana selected some villages around Chipata where 50 partly sponsored pumps will be installed. Families will be the owners of the pumps and are responsible for the maintenance. These families have a plan to earn some money with the pump, because they get access to water throughout the year. As early adopters, they pay only 10% of the costs of the pump. These families will be role models and will motivate others families to buy pumps in the future.

Selection of the families

Jacana organises meetings in several villages and explains the procedure to all community members how they can become one of the lucky ones who receive a partly sponsored pump. The procedure is:

  • In an interview all participants are asked what they will do with the water when they have access to water throughout the year. They present their small business idea.
  • The most promising are invited for the business, financial and marketing training. Motivated people with a good business plan are selected.

  • Jacana visits the selected families and check if the plans are realistic. If yes, 10% of the costs of the pump is collected and the drillers can start.

  • The families are guided during one year in expanding their business.

15 Apr 2017 Welders started making pumps

The welders produced the first rope pump in their own workshop. Jacana monitors the quality and if the pump is of good quality, the welders get money for production of four more pumps. The first pump will be installed in front of their workshop as an example. The other four pumps are promotion material and stock to attract customers. When the welders sell a pump they immediately produce a new one, so there are always four on display.

14 Apr 2017 Drillers started drilling at their own place

The drillers are manually drilling boreholes at their own workshop and the workshops of the welders, this to gain experience and to make working examples to convince potential clients. Jacana monitors and guides the proces.

Hastings explains to new customers

Newsletter ArchiveNewsletter



Media Archive

9 Apr 2017 Jacana on Dutch national TV

Jacana will be on Dutch national Television  this morning 9 April 11:57 on channel 2 just before the news in a programe of .

Jacana on Dutch national Television

Jacana on Dutch national Television


27 Feb 2017 EMAS pump production training

On 27th of February, Jacana invited all welders and drillers for a training in Emas pump production. This was an amazing and successful task for all of them, as shown in the picture. They are testing their first Emas pump. it was really wonderful.
Testing self made EMAS pump
You can also learn how to make this 15 USD pump (material costs) at pump production training

First EMAS pump in Zambia was made by Osward Mwanza. Here is Osward testing the sub-surface part.

Osward made first EMAS pump in Zambia

Osward explains his background and plans here:

23 Jan 2017 How Castricum supported Water for Zambia

The foundation “Castricum helpt Muttathara” build the foundation for Jacana SMART water centre Zambia through their support to the “Water for Zambia” programme.
Here a snapshot of some results:

We are very pleased that Castricum helpt Muttathara believes in our approach and sponsored a second time. We will make sure the contribution is again well spent.

14 Oct 2016 How SMART Centres contribute to SDG6

How SMART Centres contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 6: “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”
Presentation by Jacana at Ministry of Local Government and Housing, Zambia (MLGH)

29 Mar 2016 First Lean Canvas Business training in Nyanja

For the First time ever Jacana facilitated the business training in a local African language (Nyanja). The trainees completed all the steps of the Lean Canvas Model under guidance of Pious. The training was evaluated as good and useful, even by those who have problems with reading and writing.

26 Feb 2016 Four volunteer Experts active for Jacana

At the moment (Febr 2016), there are four volunteer experts active in guiding entrepreneurs under the Jacana programme:

Thanks on behave of Jacana and all the entrepreneurs.

21 Dec 2015 Make your practical Business Plan on the air.

Tune in, together we will make your practical business plan and teach you how to use it.

Radio PAN African 105.1 FM Monday 21 Dec 14:00

Lines are open we answer your questions on Monday 21 Dec 14:00-15:00 (radius of 100 km arround Lusaka, Zambia)

Lean Canvas Business Model

Powered by Radio PAN African 105.1 FM and Jacana.

PAN African Radio 105.1 FM

16 Nov 2015 Train the trainer

Jacana started the second series of business, financial and marketing training for entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses. One goal of Jacana is to train local trainers. Pious took over a part of the business training under guidance of Dinie. He performed very well.

Also this time the variety of entrepreneurs is big: pharmacist, technician who repairs electrical devices, carpenter, farmer, welders, quail (incubator) business man, cooking oil producer, shop owners, wax producer, e-health service provider and an ice-cream manufacturer.

Pious M. Nyirongo1 Nov 2015 New employee

Since 1 November Pious Nyirongo works for Jacana. Pious has a diploma in Human Resource Management and worked for a mine company as assistant HR. After that he worked as guest house manager and HR manager for GCMF. In his free time he is a senior Pastor in Lusaka. Jacana will train Pious to be a trainer and to assist in monitoring and guidance of the entrepreneurs.

September 2015 Jacana started guiding the three selected ladies.

Follow data on guidance at the project pages: HildaIreen and Mirriam 

plot for Mimi's Tailor Shop Training Ireen s staff in the use of Stock Card Computer Training Hilda

10 Aug 2015 First meeting of Zambian Board

The board for the Zambian branch of Jacana has met for the first time on 10th of August. This experienced and motivated team will guide the foundation in to a bright future. Read all about their backgrounds here. First Board Meeting Jacana Zambia

23 Jun 2015 Arrival in Zambia

Dinie and Rik arrived on 23rd of June in Lusaka, they travelled from there to their new home. The staff of Group Farm project in Chisamba welcomed them warmly. For now the Jacana-Zambia office will be located on this project site along the Great North road and Dinie and Rik life there as well.

31 May 2015 Donation of Haëlla Foundation

Haëlla Foundation funded Jacana for the basic training of Zambian entrepreneurs. Jacana will conduct this year four basic trainings and Jacana will select from these trainings the most promising entrepreneurs for an intensive program. These entrepreneurs will receive an individual guidance to increase their business. stichting Haella We thank Haëla Foundation for their donation.

31 Mar 2015 Board in the Netherlands

Jacana Business Empowerment foundation was founded on 31st of March 2015. The board signed the statute  at a notary office in Maastricht. Jacana at Team Notarissen

Read more

Members of the board:

  • Chairman: Rik Haanen
  • Secretary: Laura Kurth
  • Treasurer: John Vaessens

Program manager Zambia

  • Dinie Nijssen is the program manager in Zambia Jacana Business Empowerment will start its activities in Zambia in the third quarter of this year. Its Dutch office will be located in s’Hertogenbosch and the Zambian projects will take place in Chisamba in Zambia. Jacana’s first focus will be the selection of small African entrepreneurs and the start of workshops.

Read more…

22 Mar 2017 Walk for water

Wednesday (March 22 2017), pupils of Montessori Green Ring Doves (all locations) walked for water. Each with 6 liters of water on their backs through the Horsterpark in Duiven, the Netherlands.

Mayor Rik de Lange opened the event at 9:00 and and hiked until 12:00.

300 Pupils raised 5.560,50 euro. WOW !

All gifts are donationed to “Water for Zambia”. All expenses are covered by Rotary Duiven and sponsors such as the Rabobank and Aqua for All.
Wild Geese doubled the donations.

Wandelen Voor Water

rwsn forum29 Nov 2016 SMART Centres at RWSN conference

Several SMART Centres have been allocated time to share their experience at Rural Water Supply Network forum (RWSN) to be held on 29th Nov – 2nd Dec:


“Drilling & Hand-dug wells. Manual SHIPO and Mzuzu drilling)”
Tuesday 29 Nov at 11:15-13:000 in the “Denguéleé” room session 2B.
by Henk Holtslag [SMART Centre group]

“Self-Supply. Entrepreneurs for Water & Water for Entrepreneurs”
Tuesday 29 Nov at 16:15-17:30 in the “Bamako” room session 4B.
by Rik Haanen [Jacana SMART Centre Zambia]

“The SMART Centre Approach: training the private sector and scaling-up Self-supply through a sustainable business model.”
Tuesday 29 Nov at 16:15-17:30 in the “Bamako” room session 4B.
by Morten van Donk [SMART Centre Group]

“Accelerating Self-supply with the SMART Centre approach (ACCESS)”
Wednesday 30 Nov at 11:15-13:00 in the “Abidjan” room session 6A.
by Annemarieke Maltha [SHIPO SMART Centre Tanzania]


“Six ideas to reach SDG6 for rural water supply”
by Henk Holtslag [SMART Centre group]

“12 SMARTechs”
by Henk Holtslag [SMART Centre group]

“130,000 Rope pumps world wide”
by Rik Haanen [Jacana SMART Centre Zambia]

“Household Water Filters for Emergencies”
by Reinier Veldman [CCAP SMART Centre Malawi]

“Accelerating Self-supply by the SMART Centre Approach”
by Annemarieke Maltha [SHIPO SMART Centre Tanzania]


The “SMART Centre Group” has a stand at the exhibition area where you can always talk to one of us. It would be great to meet them there.

1 Sept 2016 Online shops donate to Jacana

Sponsor Kliks
300 Online shops contribute a percentage of your purchase to Jacana. It does not cost you anything extra. So next time you go to your online shop go via this link:: It does not cost you anything extra.

For example when you buy at, Coolblue, Zalando, Wehkamp, MediaMarkt, BartSmit, AlbertHein etc…

Even when you go out for dinner, 4.500 restaurants will donate a part of your normal spendings to Jacana.

28 Aug 2016 Presentation at World Water Week Stockholm

Today interesting presentation on “SMART Centres: Water & jobs by training local entrepreneurs” @siwi_water World Water Week, Stockholm 16:00-17:30!
How can we provide sustainable water to rural Africa with Simple Market based Affordable Repairable Technologies (SMART) and increase income for water users and water producers?
Free resources at:

29 Feb 2016 The Rabobank believes in our approach.

Rabobank Share4MoreThe Rabobank staff fund covers 60% of the guidance costs for 8 small entrepreneurs in Zambia.

This also means that the remaining 40% needs to be covered by crowd funding.

1 Jan 2016 Preparing for water

Jacana researches the possibilities to develop a SMART training centre for low cost water Technologies, a centre similar as SHIPO in Tanzania. This centre fits perfectly with the current method of Jacana, entrepreneurs depending on water will be trained and guided like for example: pump producers, drilling teams, water vendors, farmers who rely on water for vegetable production.

25 Nov 2015 Vice President, Mrs. Inonge Wina, receives Jacana in audience.

Wednesday 25 of November Jacana together with Farise visited the Vice President. The visit was initiated by two potential female MP’s (Members of Parliament). The Vice President and the future PM’s want to improve the wellbeing of women. An important issue for women is access to water. Vice President, Mrs. Inonge Wina, receives Jacana in audience.

Click here to learn more

Wednesday 25 of November Jacana together with Farise visited the Vice President. The visit was initiated by two potential female MP’s (Members of Parliament). The Vice President and the future PM’s want to improve the wellbeing of women. An important issue for women is access to water. Jacana researches the possibility to start a SMART Tech training centre in Zambia (like In this training centre Jacana will train local entrepreneurs in pump production and borehole drilling; this will result in production of many pumps. The water can be used for consumption, but also for agriculture purposes. Research showed that manual drilling is highly suitable in the Western Region of Zambia. Because of this method the costs of water points will reduce a lot comparing to the machine drilled boreholes and pumps will be affordable for rural people. The Western part of Zambia is known for cashew production. Unfortunately nowadays most of these small farms have been neglected. Farise wants to train the farmers in rehabilitation of those farms and train them on growing vegetables under the trees (intercropping). This method will make the income of the farmers less seasonable. Especially water is needed for growing vegetables. The roots of the Vice President lay in the Western part of Zambia as well. She even has her own cashew farm. That is why Jacana and Farise presented a short presentation about Water & Cashew. The Vice President was very impressed by the initiative and she wants to see what she can do for Jacana and Farise. To be continued…….WhoIsWho at the Vice Presidents

  1. Vice President Mrs. Inonge Wina
  2. Mrs. Dinie Nijssen (Jacana)
  3. Mr. Elais Saliuya (Farise)
  4. Mr. Rik Haanen (Jacana)
  5. Mrs. Betty Mbewe (running for MP)
  6. Mrs. Thoroga Ndhlova Chewe (running for MP)
  7. Deputy Minister Hon. Bwalya Lazarous Chungu

Manuals10 Nov 2015 Second training session started

Jacana started in November with the second business, financial and marketing training for fifteen enthusiastic small entrepreneurs from Zambia.

11 Oct 2015 Donation from The Johanna Donk-Grote Foundation

De Johanna Donk–Grote StichtingThe Johanna Donk-Grote Foundation supports three of the four basic trainings over a period of one year. Jacana selects from these trainings the most promising entrepreneurs for an intensive program. These entrepreneurs will receive and individual guidance to expand their business. We thank the Johanna Donk-Grote Foundation.

1 Sept 2015 Jacana facilitated the first 3-days basic training

During this training the participants were trained in writing a business , financial and marketing plan. All participants went home with the first version of their own business and financial plan for expanding their business. Some reactions after the third training day:

27 Jul 2015 Startup

Witness how cost efficient the new Zambian Jacana office is being furnished and watch how the “data centre” is equipped to overcome all kinds of (unfortunately common) power problems.

12 Jun 2015 Good news from TAX authoritiesANBI

Jacana has been awarded with a ANBI certificate from the Dutch Tax Authorities. Therefore Dutch donors can benefit from tax deductions up to 52%. See:

Click here to learn more

Already 65% (€ 19,491.-) of the start-up costs have been raised by crowd-funding. Big thanks to the many individual donors and the Haëlla Foundation who all believe in the Jacana strategy. We believe the remaining 35% will be raised soon, therefore Dinie and Rik already moved to Zambia and are opening the Jacana-Zambia office at this moment. Every small donation is welcome. Thank you.

1 May 2015 A perfect day to launch Jacana Business Empowerment

Jacana supports small African entrepreneurs in realizing their plans to grow by linking them to experienced experts in the same sector.

“Small investment, big impact”

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