Training entrepreneurs for water in Lundazi & Chasefu

In April & May 2019, a very enthusiast and assorted group of 4 welders and 8 drillers has been trained in Lundazi, Zambia. The 12 participants were selected in several steps from a pool of 45 candidates. After interviews and visits to workshops, we pre-selected 24 existing small scale entrepreneurs who all received a three day business training. In these small group trainings, Jacana had the opportunity to get to know them better, which gave us the chance to selected the 12 most serious and motivated people.

Training Drill Set Production

Training Drill Set Production


The welders received a three weeks training in the production of several drilling tools and rope pumps from trainers Henk Holtslag and Tanzaniaan James Mkataba with the assistance of future trainer Gideon Phiri from Zambia. Next to making drill equipment and pumps, the welders also learned pump installation on existing wells.
After the training each received a jig-set so each pump is made exactly the same and spare parts can be exchanged easily. Right after training each welder made 5 pumps in his own workshop. The curiosity of people passing by is great. Soon the welders will get a working pump on a borehole at their shop so customers can experience the product.

Lundazi pump producers

From left to right: Trainers: Gideon, James. Participants: Gibson, Joshua, Masiye, Sankhani


Bester Drilling

Bester Drilling

The drillers received a three weeks training in borehole drilling methods (Mzuzu en SHIPO drilling) facilitated by our own Zambiaanse trainers Moses Banda and Hastings Mbewe who were supervised by the experienced trainer Laban Kaduma from Tanzania. Next to drilling the participants also learned pump installation and how to build ground water recharge and rainwater harvesting systems.
After the daily hour of theory where the Zambian teachers explained about geology, site selection, water quality and drilling and installation techniques, the participants spent the rest of the day practicing by doing. Also manager Bester was not afraid of the muddy and hard work. There is a hand dug well close to our Lundazi office, where training was executed. Water in this well is less than 2 meters deep. However when the trained teams drilled their first boreholes, instead of water the they found extreme hard quarts stone up to 5 meters deep. Our standard drilling equipment was put to the test and failed to break the rock. Thanks to creative ideas from the newly trained welders, the quarts layer could be broken and as a reward ground water came up under pressure to 3 meters. If you want to know more about the improvement of the equipment, request our free manuals at


Quarts stone, a worn drill bit and an improved drill bit

Representatives from the Ministry of Water (WARMA) came all the way from Lusaka (more than a day drive) to explain the legal procedures about borehole drilling and to officially welcome the newly trained drillers to the protected profession of qualified borehole drillers.
After training the teams started drilling at their own houses to get more experience before they will start drilling for paying customers. There is great interest and Jacana regularly receives questions from people from other districts about whether we can do this with them. But we have only just started in Lundazi and Chasefu: quality monitoring, creating a market for these new products and guiding the trained entrepreneurs in the practical management of their companies are starting now and it takes some time. All sorts of unexpected problems will come to the teams in the near future and Jacana will assist them so that they will ultimately become solid sustainable companies.

Lundazi Drillers

Lundazi drillers: Morgan, Ackson, Lyford, Phaniso, Nash, Brighton, Vinious, Biggie, Mabvuto
Trainers: Moses, Hastings, Laban, WARMA: Emanuel, Peter

Zambian trainers

Moses Banda, Hastings Mbewe and Gideon Phiri did very well and we are convinced that these Zambian trainers can facilitate an upcoming training. Thanks guys!

Jacana opens a new office in Lundazi

Eastern province, Zambia

Eastern province, Zambia

We are starting a new three-year water project, sponsored by Marie-Stella-Maris, and a lot is involved.
Basically it will be a copy-paste story and it should be easy with the experience we have gained in Chipata, but we can’t get away with it that easily. The bridge to Lundazi has collapsed and it takes us an extra hour of bumping along a sandy road to get there. We are dealing with two districts, Lundazi and Chasefu, some 187 km from Chipata. Chasefu is still a young district and was part of the Lundazi district until 2018. Two districts means two local authorities, two district water authorities, two Chiefs, two project areas and so on.

Construing training workshop

Construing training workshop

We have decided to open our new office in Lundazi “town”. Lundazi is the center of the two districts. It has around 20,000 inhabitants, but is expanding rapidly.
After a short search, we found two small houses on a fairly large walled plot close to the center of Lundazi town. One house serves as an office and the other serves as Jacana’s base for staff. At the moment we are building a simple structure on site, where we will provide the three-week technical training and possibly other training courses later. There is also enough space to manually drill boreholes during training.


Jacana Lundazi office
Potential pump producers in Lundazi

Potential pump producers in Lundazi

Before we started, we introduced the program to the local authorities and they approved. Everyone we speak to is very enthusiastic and extremely helpful because water is a serious problem in this area.

In the month of February we started looking for drillers and welders. Interviews were held with 13 welders and 31 drillers. Everyone was asked about the motivation and how they think they can expand their existing business with the new knowledge they will gain in business and technical training. In the end, 12 welders and 13 drillers were invited for the three-day business, financial and marketing training.

This training was given in the first three weeks of March by our local trainers Bester and Pious. During the training the most promising and motivated drillers and welders were chosen for the technical training.

Potential manual borehole drillers in Lundazi

Potential manual borehole drillers in Lundazi

The technical training starts on 15 April
with the training of 4 welders. Henk Holtslag from the Netherlands will train them in the first week how to make drill sets. After that they will be trained by Brighton Kaniki from Malawi in how to produce rope pumps. During these two or three weeks, Gideon Phiri from Chipata, will be trained as a trainer in producing drilling sets and rope pumps.

The training of 8 drillers in manual drilling of boreholes according to the SHIPO and Mzuzu method starts on 23 April. They use the drill sets made by the local welders a week earlier. Hastings Mbewe and Moses Banda from Chipata will provide the training under the supervision of Laban Kaduma from Tanzania.
After this technical training, Jacana hopes that the three potential technical trainers from Chipata are experienced enough to independently provide training in the future.
After the training, the drillers and welders can work under the supervision of experienced drillers and a welder from Chipata. Boreholes will be drilled and pumps installed at the workshops of the welders and the houses of the drillers. These will serve as promotional material to attract customers.
In Lundazi we also want to start working on Self-supply, so that customers can go directly to the welders and/or drillers for a borehole with pump. But we are not there yet, first we want to train the welders and the drillers and introduce the project in the two project areas Katandala and Kasongolo and make a start with the Show case area. More about that in a later newsletter.

Jacana Business Empowerment HQ, Chipata, Moth extension, Zambia

  Jacana Business Empowerment office at: -15°01’53.2″South  and  28°12’19.5″East  

Jacana Business Empowerment, Lundazi oposite FRA scheds, Zambia


Jacana Business Empowerment Lundazi office

at: -12°17’43.2″ South  and  33°10’49.5″ East

WaterAid and Jacana work together on SDG6.1

WaterAidWaterAid Zambia and Jacana signed a Memorandum of Understanding for five years. Both parties foresee challenges realising Sustainable Development Goal 6.1 by 2030, achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all.
The biggest problem for Zambia will be to provide water for everybody, also people living in small communities. Zambia is sparsely populated (average 23 people/km²). Until now Government and many NGO’s use machine drilled boreholes with India Mark2 community pumps. This approach was designed for 250 users in a radius of 500 m (250 people/0.78 km² = 318 people/km²). The costs per water user in the community of for example 100 users is 180$ and for communities of 50 users the costs is 380$ per user for this conventional approach. Which donor would be willing to pay that? More important: which small community will be able to maintain these expensive solutions?

Zambia population density
Zambia is not the only sparsely populated country in Africa.

Zambia is not the only sparsely populated country in Africa. The images show number of people per km².

What should we do: leave those people behind without safe water? Or are we looking for other options?

Jacana and WaterAid will research alternative options to reach everybody in Zambia.

We will be looking at a practical mix of Self-supply, more affordable solutions, different ownership models and combining water with income generation. Self-supply means that families buy their own water source without interference from Government or NGO’s.

Suitability for manual drilling

Jacana worked for the last two years in Chipata District and trained manual drillers and local pump manufacturers, this is called SMART water solutions. SMART stands for Simple Market based Affordable Repairable Technologies. At this moment, 112 families in Zambia have their own affordable borehole with rope pump made by 18 local entrepreneurs. These private owned pumps not only provide water for their households, on average each pump also serves 10 families in the neighbourhood. Water is a resource that is shared free of cost. Manual drilling of boreholes is possible in 90% of Zambia. In fact, SMART manual drillers receive requests from all over Zambia and have already been drilling successfully in several corners of the country.

WaterAid and Jacana understand that not every family in Zambia can afford a borehole with a pump. Together we investigate ways to reach families with limited budget. For example, Zambian Government already gives out subsidies for fertilizer to small scale rural farmers. This is the exact same target group. Maybe in future a similar subsidy could be established for affordable water solutions? Together with WaterAid, Jacana will look into this and other options.

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And the Jobena Award 2018-2019 goes to…

To our great joy we can announce that Jacana has been chosen as the winner of the 2018/2019 Jobena Award.This is a huge recognition and boost for Jacana's work.Jobena Foundation was founded in 1996 with the aim of supporting cultural projects and...

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Tutorial manual drilling, SHIPO method

Learn manual borehole drilling in tutorial below. Jacana SMART Centre trains manual drillers of  boreholes. It’s very difficult to explain what is happening deep under the surface (40m).This tutorial is a combination of videos and animations and shows also...

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Lieve Sinterklaas

Lieve Sinterklaas, Nog even snel een kado kopen?Zonder naar de winkel te lopen? Regel het hier on-lijn,zonder dat er extra kosten zijn. Steun de mensen op ' t Afrikaanse continent,terwijl u vriend en familie verwend. Het kado is op tijd,en een Zambiaans...

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Professionalization of manual drillers

Current Situation Over the past year Jacana supported the trained welders and drillers in expanding their business. It is time to view the current situation. There are 4 welders and 14 drillers actively engaged in producing pumps, drilling boreholes and...

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SMART symposium 13-16 Nov.

SMART symposium Simple, Market-based, Affordable, Repairable, Technologies. A practical approach to reach SDG 1, 2, 3, 6 and 8 November 13 to 16, 2018 in Mzuzu, Malawi SMART stands for Simple, Market-based, Affordable and Repairable...

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Next generation manual drillers in Khova ward

Although the first generation has just started, it seems like Khova ward in Zambia is already developing a new generation of manual drillers. Here under: the first generation trained and mentored in June 2018 by Jacana SMART Centre Zambia....

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Jacana SMART Centre at WEDC 2018

What can we learn from this picture about sustainable development and reaching united nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Jacana SMART Centre Zambia presented “Boosting rural economies and creating sustainable water supplies for the most...

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Training manual drilling

<iframe width="854" height="480" src=";autoplay=0;rel=0;controls=1;showinfo=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --> Jacana has been able...

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Vacancy: Field officer at Jacana

Position:          Field officer in Water Sector Location:         Starting in Chipata and maybe later during the year other districts in Eastern Province Start Date:       1-8-2018   Background Jacana supports small Zambian entrepreneurs in realizing...

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Zambia lost a great driller

With the deepest heartfelt condolences to the family and friends, we wish to announce the passing on of our beloved and hardworking driller Mr. Steven Zulu who passed away on Friday 13th April 2018. Steven was trained by Jacana in manual drilling, as an...

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Self-supply is rolling

Jacana SMART Training Center trained a year ago welders and drillers to expand their businesses. The welders have learned how to make a rope pump using local materials and the drillers how to drill boreholes manually up to 40 meters deep. In addition, they...

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Jacana lost a great man.

We regret to announce the passing on of our treasurer Mr. John Vaessens, who died on Sunday 1-4-2018. John was involved in Jacana Netherlands from the very beginning. He was working as our treasurer with a lot of dedication, passion and selflessness. Our...

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Bee-expert Frank Leenen helps 5 beekeepers

Frank Leenen was in Zambia and helped five beekeepers: Maria, Chrispin, Brandson, Phiri and Bridgit. General reaction : There is some much we still need to learn. Frank, thanks so much but you have to stay longer!

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International training course

International training course “Market-led SMARTechs for water and agriculture” 19th to 23rd of March 2018 in Mzuzu, Malawi The SMART Centre SNV are organising an introductory short course to provide policy makers and practitioners in water and...

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Zambia is under attack from Cholera

Entrepreneurs for Water disinfect open wells for free. Now let's work together and see how we can solve the issue. People need water and will have to use the water that is available to them. Reality is that not everybody has pipeline water and many simply...

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Donation from Marie-Stella-Maris foundation

Several communities have worked hard constructing toilets. They are officially declared Open Defecation Free. Now clean water is coming their way thanks to a donation from the "Marie-Stella-Maris foundation".

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Jacana at Agri Pro focus forum

Agri Pro focus is a network for business minded farmers. On 24 and 25 August 2017 more than 500 local farmers met in Chipata. Jacana SMART Centre was present, drilling in the garden of the hotel, demonstrating a working rope pump. Local trained entrepreneurs pitched...

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Jacana presents WEDC 2017

Jacana SMART Centre presents at WEDC: "How can Self-supply help reaching SDG6?" Tuesday 25 July – afternoon 15.30 – 17.00 Loughborough University UK, Session C5: Room WPT003 Let's talk at the exhibition site SMART Centre Group.

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Follow progress of the drillers live

SMART Centre Jacana is monitoring all new boreholes and pumps. Most pumps are partly sponsored but already now, 4 months after training, Self-supply started. Two boreholes with pumps are privately bought. Have a look at and witness the...

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Follow up meeting for Entrepreneurs for Water

On 16th June, Jacana called a follow up meeting for the welders and drillers who received the technical training in March. During this meeting, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to highlight challenges and discuss possible solutions to the challenges. The...

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June 2017 Business Training

Jacana closed this year’s first quarter with her usual 3 day entrepreneurship training significantly dominated by young and potential entrepreneurs.This time Jacana trained a mix of experienced and start-up entrepreneurs, this combination created an atmosphere of...

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Creating Show case area in Luangeni

Jacana selected some villages around Chipata where 50 partly sponsored pumps will be installed. Families will be the owners of the pumps and are responsible for the maintenance. These families have a plan to earn some money with the pump, because they get access to...

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Welders started making pumps

The welders produced the first rope pump in their own workshop. Jacana monitors the quality and if the pump is of good quality, the welders get money for production of four more pumps. The first pump will be installed in front of their workshop as an example. The...

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Drillers started drilling at their own place

The drillers are manually drilling boreholes at their own workshop and the workshops of the welders, this to gain experience and to make working examples to convince potential clients. Jacana monitors and guides the proces.

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Jacana on Dutch national TV

Jacana on Dutch national TV Jacana will be on Dutch national Television NPO2 this morning 9 April 11:57 on channel 2 just before the news in a programe of WildeGanzenNL .  

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Walk for Water 2017

Walk for water 2017 Wednesday (March 22 2017), pupils of Montessori Green Ring Doves (all locations) walked for water. Each with 6 liters of water on their backs through the Horsterpark in Duiven, the Netherlands. Mayor Rik de Lange opened the event at 9:00 and and...

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EMAS pump production training

EMAS pump production training On 27th of February, Jacana invited all welders and drillers for a training in Emas pump production. This was an amazing and successful task for all of them, as shown in the picture. They are testing their first Emas pump. it was really...

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Castricum results

How Castricum supported Water for Zambia The foundation "Castricum helpt Muttathara" build the foundation for Jacana SMART water centre Zambia through their support to the "Water for Zambia" programme. Here a snapshot of some results: We are very pleased that...

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SMART Centres at RWSN conference

SMART Centres at RWSN conference Several SMART Centres have been allocated time to share their experience at Rural Water Supply Network forum (RWSN) to be held on 29th Nov - 2nd Dec: Presentations: "Drilling & Hand-dug wells. Manual SHIPO and Mzuzu drilling)"...

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How SMART Centres contribute to SDG6 How SMART Centres contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 6: "Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all" Presentation by Jacana at Ministry of Local Government and Housing, Zambia...

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Online shops donate to Jacana 300 Online shops contribute a percentage of your purchase to Jacana. It does not cost you anything extra. So next time you go to your online shop go via this link:: It does not cost you anything extra. For...

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Presentation at World Water Week Stockholm

Presentation at World Water Week Stockholm Today interesting presentation on "SMART Centres: Water & jobs by training local entrepreneurs" @siwi_water World Water Week, Stockholm 16:00-17:30! How can we provide sustainable water to rural Africa with Simple Market...

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First Lean Canvas Business training in Nyanja

First Lean Canvas Business training in Nyanja For the First time ever Jacana facilitated the business training in a local African language (Nyanja). The trainees completed all the steps of the Lean Canvas Model under guidance of Pious. The training was evaluated as...

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Four Experts

Four volunteer Experts active for Jacana At the moment (Febr 2016), there are four volunteer experts active in guiding entrepreneurs under the Jacana programme: Jeanette Biesbroeck for Ireen Le Tran for Wamunjima Jeroen Reith for Xavier Maren Bruin for Joseph &...

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The Rabobank

The Rabobank believes in our approach. The Rabobank staff fund covers 60% of the guidance costs for 8 small entrepreneurs in Zambia. This also means that the remaining 40% needs to be covered by crowd funding.

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Preparing for water

1 Jan 2016 Preparing for water Jacana researches the possibilities to develop a SMART training centre for low cost water Technologies, a centre similar as SHIPO in Tanzania. This centre fits perfectly with the current method of Jacana, entrepreneurs depending on water...

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LeanCanvas on the Air

Make your practical Business Plan on the air. Tune in, together we will make your practical business plan and teach you how to use it. Radio PAN African 105.1 FM Monday 21 Dec 14:00 Lines are open we answer your questions on Monday 21 Dec 14:00-15:00 (radius of 100 km...

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Vice President

Vice President, Mrs. Inonge Wina, receives Jacana in audience. Wednesday 25 of November Jacana together with Farise visited the Vice President. The visit was initiated by two potential female MP’s (Members of Parliament). The Vice President and the future PM’s want to...

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Tain the Trainer

Train the trainer Jacana started the second series of business, financial and marketing training for entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses. One goal of Jacana is to train local trainers. Pious took over a part of the business training under guidance of...

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Second training session started

Second training session started Jacana started in November with the second business, financial and marketing training for fifteen enthusiastic small entrepreneurs from Zambia.

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New employee

New employee Since 1 November Pious Nyirongo works for Jacana. Pious has a diploma in Human Resource Management and worked for a mine company as assistant HR. After that he worked as guest house manager and HR manager for GCMF. In his free time he is a senior Pastor...

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Donation from The Johanna Donk-Grote Foundation

Donation from The Johanna Donk-Grote Foundation The Johanna Donk-Grote Foundation supports three of the four basic trainings over a period of one year. Jacana selects from these trainings the most promising entrepreneurs for an intensive program. These entrepreneurs...

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Jacana facilitated the first 3-days basic training

Jacana facilitated the first 3-days basic training During this training the participants were trained in writing a business , financial and marketing plan. All participants went home with the first version of their own business and financial plan for expanding their...

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First meeting of Zambian Board

First meeting of Zambian Board The board for the Zambian branch of Jacana has met for the first time on 10th of August. This experienced and motivated team will guide the foundation in to a bright future. Read all about their backgrounds here.

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Startup Witness how cost efficient the new Zambian Jacana office is being furnished and watch how the "data centre" is equipped to overcome all kinds of (unfortunately common) power problems.

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Arrival in Zambia

Arrival in Zambia Dinie and Rik arrived on 23rd of June in Lusaka, they travelled from there to their new home. The staff of Group Farm project in Chisamba welcomed them warmly. For now the Jacana-Zambia office will be located on this project site along the Great...

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Good news from TAX authorities

Good news from TAX authorities Jacana has been awarded with a ANBI certificate from the Dutch Tax Authorities. Therefore Dutch donors can benefit from tax deductions up to 52%. See: Already 65% (€ 19,491.-) of the start-up...

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Donation of Haëlla Foundation

31 May 2015 Donation of Haëlla Foundation Haëlla Foundation funded Jacana for the basic training of Zambian entrepreneurs. Jacana will conduct this year four basic trainings and Jacana will select from these trainings the most promising entrepreneurs for an intensive...

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Board in the Netherlands

31 Mar 2015 Board in the Netherlands Jacana Business Empowerment foundation was founded on 31st of March 2015. The board signed the statute  at a notary office in Maastricht. Members of the board: Chairman: Rik Haanen Secretary: Laura Kurth Treasurer: John Vaessens...

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