There are so many different types of solar equipment available at your local market, but does anybody in your neighborhood knows how to select the best combination? You will after studying this manual.

The solar design and installation manual is designed for experienced automotive, house or industrial electricians who want to expand their business into the solar sector.

The manual will teach how to design solar systems in following steps:

  1. How much electrical energy does the customer use?
  2. Calculate system losses.
  3. Calculate the required power of the solar panels.
  4. Calculating the battery capacity.
  5. Checking and optimizing using geographical solar statistics.
  6. By varying the number of solar panels and batteries, costs and the number of nights when the batteries are running low can be minimized.
  7. Choosing components, such as controllers, inverters, fuses, lightning protection and cabling.
  8. Documenting the design.
  9. Installing the system.

This download includes a MS Excel file that helps you with all the design steps including a simple electrical diagram, calculating losses and optimum cable sizes.

It also discusses practical and affordable installation guidelines and safety measures.

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