Last year we were able to test some very affordable solar pumps. One of them was very good (€ 35). This year we are again testing a range of other solar pumps of similar design. The demand for affordable solar pumps is high and once again thanks to Marie-Stella-Maris we can bring these pumps on the Zambian market.
For comparison: the most commonly used hand pump in Zambia now costs € 300, the affordable solar pumps with a solar panel cost € 90, there is no need for a battery or controller. When water is not too deep (6m), these pumps deliver the same amount of water as the usual hand pump, but continuously. As a result, they deliver much more water per day (3600 litres/day). It is also possible to connect pumps in series so that the pressure increases proportionally.


In Lundazi, the first people were trained in advising clients to select the most suitable pump for their specific situation. They also learned how to install the solar pump and how to make a simple safety control box, because electric pumps should not run dry.

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