Farmer, Sofia Lungu

Farmer Sofia manages a farm of 15 acres. She grows different types of crops and wants to expand in vegetable growing. When she can grow vegetables in dry season, prices are much better. It serves the community and her business. This is now possible, because she has access to water throughout the year, thanks to the water pump. 

Sofia Lungu is married and mother of 8 children. She lives in Apollo Dam 2 in Msekera Area. She has a big farm with 15 ha. of land. She grows crops during the rainy season like: maize, groundnuts and soya beans. She always liked to grow vegetables outside the rainy season and now that she has a pump on her open well it makes it more easy for her to water the vegetables. She will also use the water for household.

Sofia Lungu and Family

Sofia, her husband and four of her children

Sofia was very eager to learn new things during the business training. That is also why Jacana choose her for a partly sponsored pump.

Sofia during the training

Sofia during the business training



 Monitoring data

July 2018

Edward Tembo deepened a well and installed a pump for Sofia Lungu. Sofia will use the pump for growing vegetables and sell them to her customers. The pump was made by Gideon Phiri

Sofia Lungu pump

Pump for Sofia Lungu


Jacana supported Sofia with a partly sponsored pump on an open well.

So she can:

  • expand her vegetable business
  • get access to cleaner water for the household.


The pump on an open well was donated by Aqua for All.



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