Farmer, Delia Soko

Delia works extremely hard to manage her family of 4 children and a granddaughter living with her. A borehole will provide enough water to serve her family. With the time she saves, she can expand her farm and start a garden to supplement her financial efforts and provide a more stable life for her family.

Delia Soko is married and has 6 children; two are independent of her support but the other 4 are living with her and a granddaughter in Durila village of Khova ward. She is an industrious woman farming field crops in the outskirts of the village.

Delia Soko and husband

Delia has a plan to start a business garden where she wants to grow cabbage, rape, onion and tomatoes. Embedded with the desire to acquire skills in business management, she attended the two days of business training organized by Jacana in Khova ward. During the Jacana business training, Delia showed that she has good ideas and is smart enough to manage and expand her business.

Delia Soko (left) at the business training



The borehole and pump were donated by Marie Stella MarisMarie-Stella-Maris foundation



Jacana supported Delia with a partly sponsored borehole plus pump

So she can:

  • expand her garden activities
  • get access to cleaner water for the household.


Monitoring data

August 2018

On 9 August drilling activities started. As soon as the borehole and the pump are ready Jacana will monitor the pump and borehole on quality.



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