Farmer, Nason zulu

Farmer Nason Zulu is growing crops and vegetables. Next to that he keeps some chickens and pigs. Now he has access to water the whole year, he can expand in rearing village chicken. Nason is also a volunteer health worker and knows about the importance of clean water. His neighbours are therefore allowed to use his pump for free.
The video below was taken before Nason worked with Jacana.
Nason is married and has children and lives in Msekera. He is a health worker for his community and a farmer. As a farmer he grows crops and vegetables. At his house he keeps pigs and chicken. Nason likes to expand his business in chicken rearing. He won a few years ago a machine drilled borehole, but he had never the money to install a pump on it. Now with the Jacana program he qualified himself for a partly sponsored pump.

Nason and family

Nason, his wife and children

He performed very good during the business training and that is why Jacana selected him for a partly sponsored pump.

Nason in training

Nason during the business training




Monitoring data

Nason won a few years ago a machine drilled borehole and he could never pay for a pump. Now with the Jacana project he qualified himself for a pump, because he has made a good business plan.

Hillary Phiri installed the pump on the existing machine drilled borehole.

Pump Nason Zulu

Pump on a machine drilled borehole


Jacana supported Nason with a partly sponsored pump on an existing borehole.

So he can:

  • expand in rearing chicken
  • get access to cleaner water for the household.


The pump on the machine drilled borehole was donated by De Johanna Donk-Groote stichting

This project is part of a bigger project, sponsored by Aqua for All.


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