Farmer,Bernadette Mvula

Bernadette Mvula inspires many other Zambian women to escape poverty. At her farm she grows crops, garden products and rears livestock. Presently, she wants to expand in piggery. Rearing a quality and marketable breed of pigs is very involving and water plays a central role in this. Bernadette has a well and Jacana wants to deepen the well and provide a reliable water pump so that she can grow as an entrepreneur. Jacana therefore partly sponsored an affordable pump now she has enhough water to feed the pigs the whole year round.

August 2017

The drilling team Steven, Hillary, Hastings, Edward and Michael started deepening the well so that Bernadette can give water to her piglets in the dry season. She can now keep the piglets and expand the piggery.

Bernadette helping the drillers

Bernadette helping the drillers

Deepening Bernadettes well

Deepening Bernadettes well


July 2017

Bernadette’s water source is drying up just when mama pig has delivered many piglets. The last part is very good for the expantion of her business but the first part is not.

Bernadette lives and works at her farm, she rears cattle, chickens and other livestock, besides she is also an active farmer. At her farm, Bernadette grows different field crops, onion, tomatoes, green beans and other vegetables. With an idea to expand her business, Bernadette realized the importance of enhancing her business skills in book keeping, finance and business management. She attended the 2 days of training conducted by Jacana near to her farm in Luangeni. With the effects caused by climate change in Zambia, Bernadette is unable to farm continuously. Streams and water well dries up after 6 months bringing the farming to halt.

At this moment, Bernadette wants to expand her piggery by rearing a quality breed of pigs so that she can supply to the local market. However, lack of water has been a huge limitation to her success as a business woman. She expressed the urgent need for a reliable water pump for her business. Bernadette is very committed to realizing her dream, she has already paid 70 Euros towards the pump and she is willing to accommodate the drilling team and provide them with necessities.

Due to her commitment and seriousness towards her expansion, Jacana wants to partly sponsor a reliable water pump for Bernadette that would ensure continuous water supply for her livestock business and gardening. Jacana believes this solution will put Bernadette ahead of her present business limitations. To be able to partly sponsor this water pump for Bernadette we need your financial help. Every small amount is more than welcome. If you help Bernadette, you are helping families escape poverty because she will grow as an entrepreneur and provide employment for others.

Thank you for helping Bernadette.

Simply fill in the amount above.

Simply fill in the amount above.

Bernadette is a  farmer, married with four children independent of her care. She has combined skills with those of her husband in general farming and the two are active entrepreneurs.


I want to expand in piggery


Chipata butcheries cannot find a continoius supplier of pork meat.

Chipata butcheries cannot find affordable and good pork meat

Chipata butcheries cannot find a supplier of disease free pork.



Pork available at all growth stages

Affordable and discounted prices to regular customers(T&C)

Vert. certified pork meat.



Buy here:

Affordable, vert.certified pork meat.

Always available







Butcheries in Chipata


Kapata Butcheries


Increase in demand

Profit from sales

New customers every time

Customers coming back to press for more orders.



Word of mouth

Existing customers

Phone call



I assume that Chipata butcheries cannot find affordable vert.certified pork meat and that they will pay for it in the future at K500 per pig


I will take pictures of pigs to 10 butcheries and ask if they like the pigs and are willing to buy GO: If 5 agrees out of 10 to buy then I will invest


Food= K20

Transport= K50

Photos(Mine Phone)

Total K70


K 500 per pig

Click here to learn how to read a Lean Canvas Business model.

Jacana will support Bernadette in:

  • Providing a partly sponsored water pump.
  • Guidance in book keeping and financial management.
  • Monitoring, guidance and reporting.

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