Farmer, Joshua Tembo

Joshua and his wife are both deaf and hardworking farmers. They want to expand their business by growing more varieties of vegetables throughout the year and sell to the local market. With an affordable borehole and pump they can farm whole year and make enghough money to send their child to school.


Although the pump came too late to safe his tomatoes,

Pump at Joshua Tembo's farm

Pump at Joshua Tembo’s farm

Joshua is optimistic and tells us that he will never lose a harvest because of drought again since he has a pump now.

August 2017

The water at Joshua’s tomato field has dried up unexpected early this year.

Drillers EdwardMicheal and Hillary rushed to the spot drilled a borehole and installed a pump. But it was too late and this harvest of tomatoes could not be saved.

Drilling at Joshua Tembo

Drilling at Joshua Tembo



As a challenged person (deaf) Joshua has proven that disability is not always a limitation to success, he has since been a role model to many people with similar disabilities. Joshua is an industrious gardener who farms tomatoes, rape, cabbages and onions in huge quantities and sells his products to the market.Joshua has plans to expand his business by extending his farming plot and produce variety of farming products to meet the market demands. At the moment he faces water challenges in the area where he is located. The streams dry up causing it difficult to have a continuous production.

A reliable borehole and water pump would be of great help for Joshua to expand his business. He has stood the test of time despite his condition (deaf). Joshua believes that he can change his community through food production and improve his own family life and employ others in his community.

Jacana considers Joshua a possessor of unrevealed capabilities that are worth investing on and that he is on his way to great success. Jacana would like to partly sponsor a borehole with rope pump for Joshua. This will enable him to have a continuous production and increase his farming area from 1 lima (50×50) to two lima. For this reason, we kindly request for your financial assistance that together we can help Joshua and lift the standard of his life.

Joshua's Family

Joshua’s Family

Simply fill in (above) any amount you can afford.Thank you on behalf of Joshua Tembo!

Simply fill in the amount above.

Simply fill in the amount above.

Joshua Tembo is a productive entrepreneur from Luangeni village. Joshua and his beloved wife are both deaf. However, they were both opportune to attend the school for deaf where they learnt to communicate with sign language. This makes it easy for them to communicate and do business. Joshua and his wife are both lovely parents of a young boy.

Joshua Tembo

Jacana will support Joshua in:

  • Providing a partly sponsored water pump.
  • Guidance in book keeping and financial management.

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