Nutritionist, Aseli Nkhoma

Aseli is an industrious gentleman, caring for his family through poultry business and runs a nutrition garden. Presently, he wants to expand his nutrition business and he is thrilled that Jacana is considering providing him with a partly sponsored borehole and guidance. For this reason, Jacana asks a small financial contribution from you.


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Asali during the business training

Asali during the business training

Industrious people deserves a chance of empowerment and development in life, such is the case with Aseli Nkhoma. Despite his humble background, Aseli is equal to the task of caring for his family and providing basic education to his children. Aseli has a poultry business at his farm and runs a nutrition programme for his community. Many rural communities in Africa are socially and economically marginalized meaning that, they fall short of access to proper education and health facilities. Lack of these basic human needs culminates into unnecessary sickness, poverty and death.

Aseli finds himself in such a desperate and needing community. With the passion and desire to help pregnant women and children healthy wise, Aseli pursued a course in nutrition. With this nutrition knowledge he started a garden where he teaches community women the importance of feeding their children with nutritious vegetables in order to alleviate high levels of malnutrition, sickness and the significance of such to the unborn babies.

Apparently, this is going well except that the garden is located in the outskirts of his village about 5km from his home, causing it difficult for pregnant women to walk to his garden for lessons and purchase of nutritious vegetables. For this reason, Aseli has requested Jacana to sponsor him with a borehole near to his house so that he increases his catchment area. Water near his village will boost his business as an entrepreneur and in turn benefit the community at large.

Despite financial constraints Aseli is highly committed to having his borehole drilled, he has already paid 70 Euros towards the required amount and hopes that Jacana together with well wishers would contribute for him the remaining balance. Jacana is therefore asking for your financial support to help Aseli. Your financial contribution no matter how small will positively and indirectly impact the lives of many Zambian rural children. Together we can change the world.







Aseli Nkhoma is maried and has four children. He lives in Chabulika a village which falls under Chief Misholo. He is a hardworking and enthusiastic entrepreneur who wants to expand his nutrition business.

Aseli and his wife and three of his five children.

Aseli and his wife and three of his five children.






Jacana will support Aseli Nkhoma by providing a partly sponsored borehole with pump.

So he can:

  • help his community members in providing education about nutrition,
  • grow nutritious vegetables even in dry season,
  • use the water for drinking and household




Guiding & Monitoring data

Because we have good hope that the few remaining coins will be donated soon, the drillers already made a pump for Aseli.

The borehole at Aseli had initially given challenges to Orsward and his drilling team due to rocks and hard soil in the area, they had to postpone the drilling until it had rained enough to locate a different place of drilling. This February Mr Orsward the driller was successful at it.

February 2018


Pump at Aseli



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