Farmer, Clement Soko

Clement Soko inspires many people in Khova ward to escape poverty; he is hard working and a dilligent farmer currently doing farming with the plan of expanding his garden and piggery at home. He is grateful to Jacana for making this possible in his life.
Clement Soko is married and has 4 children; he lives in Mkwekwe village of Khova ward. He is a hardworking farmer-entrepreneur growing field crops such as maize, groundnuts, soya beans, sunflowers and sweet potatoes whilst growing tomatoes, onion, rape and cabbage at his garden and at the same time keeping livestock such as pigs and cows.

Clement Soko and his wife and child.

Clement like any other entrepreneur wants to expand his farming and livestock business, this motivated him to attend the two days of business training organized by Jacana in Khova ward with the view of acquiring new business skills. During the training his performance and participation was very impressive. He has a potential and promising business plan, therefore Jacana considered him for a partly sponsored borehole.

Clements in business training


The borehole and pump are donated by Marie Stella Maris.Marie-Stella-Maris foundation



Jacana has supported Clement Soko with a borehole and pump:

So he can:

  • start growing vegetables in his garden near his home
  • expand his lives stock business
  • manage his financial books proficiently
  • provide basic education for his children


Monitoring data

August 2018

Osward drilled a borehole for Clement Soko and Gideon produced the pump. 

Pump for Clement Soko

Pump for Clement Soko


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