Chicken farmer, Stelia

Water is the main factor that limits farmer Stelia in expanding her poultry. Together with you, Jacana SMART centre will assist her.

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February 2018

Stelia Tembo received a partly sponsored borehole drilled by Micheal Soko and Moses Banda. During the business training Stelia was one of the motivated entrepreneurs such that Jacana considered her a further monitoring and guidance, eventually she received a borehole.

Pump at Stelia

Micheal Drilling at Stelia




Chicken farmer Stelia in trianing

Chicken farmer Stelia in trianing



Stelia was one of the more promising students in the Jacana Business training. Currently she is keeping about two hundred chickens and explained that water is the main reason that limits her business. Although the village where she runs her business is relatively close to town, still the market is hard to access because the road is very bad and there is no regular transport.
We believe in Stelia and therefore Jacana SMART Centre decided to help her by providing a partly sponsored borehole and pump.

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Stelia Tembo is married and has four sons and lives in the village Gimori not too far from town although when you visit her it will feel as if she is far in the bush since the road is so bad.

Chicken farmer Stelia's family

Chicken farmer Stelia’s family






Jacana will support Stelia by providing a partly sponsored borehole with pump.

So she can:

  • expand her chicken business,
  • grow vegetables even in dry season,
  • use the water for drinking and household


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