Chicken farmer, Steven Tembo

Stephen is a productive and experienced farmer in poultry and tomato growing business. At the moment, he wants to expand his poultry farming business and he is thrilled that Jacana is considering guiding him and assisting him with a borehole. For this reason, Jacana asks a small financial contribution from you to support Stephen


  • € 750 raised now, still € 150 of € 900 needed. 83%

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Stephen Tembo chicken farmer

Productive farmers like Stephen, contributes highly to the food basket of Zambia. Through chicken poultry and tomato growing, Mr. Stephen manages to care for his family and provided basic education to his children who are now independent of him.

Mr. Stephen was schooled in poultry farming and has been in this business for many years. With the desire to expand, he completed 3 days of Jacana business training. Apparently, he has a small poultry and drying tomato field due to lack of water. His vision is that if water is provided, he will expand into both layers and broiler chickens, with an intention of reproducing chickens through the eggs that comes from the layers. He also plans to use the same borehole for his tomato field. Mr Stephen is committed to having a borehole drilled and pump installed at his farm. For this reason, he has settled a down payment of 70 Euros to Jacana SMART centre towards the borehole hoping that Jacana would top up the remaining balance.

Jacana considers him one of the most motivated, focused and determined entrepreneur who deserves a chance of guidance and a provision of a partly sponsored borehole. For this reason, we are asking for your financial support to help Stephen.


Stephen Tembo is a farmer, running poultry and growing tomatoes, he lives at his farm named Mazala, a 10 acres farm. Stehen has one grown up child and few grand children who are helping him in farming tomatoes and taking care of the poultry. Through this business he takes care of his family.


Stephen and wife

Stephen and his wife


Jacana will support Stephen with partly sponsored borehole with pump and guidance:

So he can:

  • Expand his poultry and tomato growing business.
  • Manage his financial books proficiently.


We have good hope that you will help us raise the last few coins for Stephen Tembo. So the drillers already started:

January 2018

Steven Zulu and Hastings Mbewe made a new borehole on top of the hill near to the house and far from the toilet. Mrs. Tembo has difficulties walking and is very happy with this new water source. Also the neighbours use the water. Since the pump is on top of the hill, is easy to irrigate his garden which is downhill. The pump was made by George Chulu. Good work men!

Pump at Stephen Tembo

Pump at Stephen Tembo



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