Farmer, Mary Phiri

Mary Phiri likes to grow home flowers, gardening and she keeps pigs and bees. Her open well dried up every October. deepened the well and installed a rope pump. Now she has now water throughout the year.
May 2018

Michael Soko deepened the open well of Mary and installed the rope pump. The rope pump was produced by Gideon Phiri.

Mary Phiri and pump

Pump on a deepened well at Mary Phiri’s house

Mary Phiri is a very hard working woman. She lives with her family in Msekera area in Chipata.  She grows a lot of vegetables, she keeps pigs and bees and she loves garden flowers. Every October she had challenges, because her open well dried up. Now with the pump she has access to water throughout the year.

Mary Phiri


The pump on a deepened well was donated by:

Jacana provided Mary Phiri with a rope pump on a deepened well.

Now she is able to garden throughout the year, water her garden flowers and give water to the pigs.

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