Gardener, Iness Chulu

Iness is a gardener. She grows tomatoes, onions and beans during the time she has access to water. Her stream is drying up too fast and that is why she is very happy with the partly sponsored borehole with pump. Now she can grow vegetables throughout the year. She even wants to grow potatoes and cabbages.


Monitoring data

The water tank was constructed by Reuben Chulu (no family).

Water tank made by Reuben Chulu

Water tank for Iness

The borehole was drilled by Moses Ngoma and assisted by Edward Tembo. This picture is just after construction, the cement still needs to cure and the water will get clean. In the mean while the water is used for farming. 

Iness Chulu Pump

Pump Iness Chulu. Apron under construction

Iness Chulu is married and has children. She is gardener, meaning that she earns her money with growing a lot of vegetables. She grows tomatoes, onions and beans.

During the business training her focus was on expanding her gardening activities. With the partly sponsored borehole with pump she can grow also potatoes and cabbages next to her other vegetables. This gives her the opportunity to take care of her family.

Iness Chulu Gardener

Iness during the business training

Iness got a partly sponsored borehole with pump thanks to:

Jacana supported Iness with a providing a partly sponsored borehole and pump.

So she can:

  • expand her gardening activities
  • get access to cleaner water for the household.


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