Solid Waste Manager, Joel


Joel expanded in recycling business

Joel Mpulubusi expanded his solid waste management business into recycling. New he not only collects waste, he also does paper and plastic recycling. Joel discovered the value of waste. Jacana Business Empowerment guided him for one year. Joel provides now work and income to 21 extra people and is a great example for others.

The below video shows how Joel did before collaboration with Jacana (Jan 2016).

Expert TrashBack

TrashBack is specialized in solid waste recycling in Zambia. Learn more at Joel communicates frequently with Mr. Misheck Simwanza and Andrew McNaught.



Andrew McNaught


Guiding & Monitoring data

April 2016

Joel finished his test and the results are positive:

  • 12 out of 15 schools are willing to register after May when the school has opened.
  • 5 out of 7 guesthouses have registered.
  • 15 out of 20 shops have registered.Joel, solid waste
  • 30 households are willing to register.

Joel visited together with Dinie a Mall in Lusaka who recycles food, plastics and papers. He was inspired by the system and he will make a recycling plan for his own business.

Joel, solid waste

joel, solid waste


May and June 2016

  • Joel wrote a business plan for his recycling business together with the help of Jacana.IMG_3476
  • Jacana linked Joel with TrashBack in Lusaka. TrashBack’s focus in Zambia is currently around enabling the recycling of post-consumer
    packaging: plastics, cardboard and paper. Joel fits perfect in the programme of TrashBack as a  future aggregator. Aggregators serve as the link between Collectors and Processors. They purchase on demand from a network of Collectors (usually within 2km radius), providing instant access to localised market. Aggregators store the materials temporarily until they have sufficient quantities to sell, providing access to bulk materials at a single location for Processors.
  • Joel went to visit and learn from an aggregator trained by TrashBack in Lusaka.

July 2016

  • Joel is about to open his aggregator business, supported by TrashBack. He signed an agreement with a landlord to place a big container. This container will be used for the storage of the recycle materials from the Zambian Breweries.
  • A team of ten people will work for Joel to collect the empty bottles and the packages from the local beer. Once in a while the Zambian Brewery will collect the bottles and packages.


Joel and team

Joel with poster

August/September 2016

  • TrashBack launched the recycling business of Joel in Garden House Lusaka.
  • Until half September Joel collected already 500kg of recycling bottles.
  • 28th of September Joel will go for a training with 5 other aggregators facilitated by TrashBack.

October 2016

Joel made a good start with his recycling business:

  • TrashBack placed a big container for Joel to store all the recycling materials.
  • He had a meeting at Zambian Breweries to share experiences with other aggregators. Zambian Breweries is the client and collects the empty bottles and beer cartons from Joel’s container.
  • 20 Collectors are working for Joel and earn an income according to their deliveries.
  • On the picture you can see that Joel collected 28 bags of more than 30 kg each (about 1000kg).
  • Solid Waste Joel

Solid waste collector Joel




Solid Waste collector Joel


  • Joel Mpulubusi, Solid Waste managerJoel Mpulubusi started his Khola Solid Waste Management Ent. in 2008 after he got a training by Care International. He was trained to become a Community Based Enterprise in waste management in peri-urban areas. After the training he got a certificate from the Council an he registered himself at Pacra. At the moment he collects two days per week garbage in Kanyama, Garden House in Lusaka and brings it with his team to the dump site of Lusaka.
  • He is a real business man, because he has some other business by renting out some buildings and running a bar.
  • At the moment (April 2016) he wants to expand his solid waste business by buying a new truck (at the moment he hires a truck) and he wants to find out the possibilities for recycling glass and plastics.
  • Joel completed the training successfully, but realizes that he needs to make a plan for buying a new truck in the future. Jacana wants to help him with this plan and also try to find an expert who can guide Joel in starting up the recycling business.
  • For Jacana  to guide Joel we need your financial help. Every small amount is more than welcome. Simply fill in (above) any amount you can afford.

Simply fill in (above) any amount you can afford.Thank you on behalf of Joel Mpulubusi!

Simply fill in the amount above.

Simply fill in an amount above.


Joel is married and has five children. As a young man Joel worked in a hotel, serving food. After his first job he worked for many years for a brewery as a sales coordinator. When the brewery closed the doors Joel decided to rent a place and start a bar. At the moment he is the owner of the building and he still runs the bar. He is during his life always involved in community work. Joel was elected as a Zone Leader for Kanyama area by the Council. During the years as Zone Leader he came in contact with NGO’s and he was trained by Care International in water, hygiene and sanitation. He was selected to be a Community Based Entrepreneur and was trained to start Solid Waste business. Now he collects waste from a lot of schools, bars, hotels and households and wants to expand his business and want to start recycling paper and plastics.


Solid waste, business plan


Local authorities do not come to collect the waste.

Government has forbidden to burn the waste.

Waste spreads a lot of diseases.


Weekly waste collection

Provide plastic containers

No burning, no penalties



We have trained staff and a truck to collect all your waste.


We have a memorandum of understanding with the local authorities and knowledge about waste management.


Schools, households, markets and bars.




More and more schools are asking for the services and are willing to pay


Flyers, banners, community radio station, worth if mouth.


Schools want the waste service to be done to keep the surrounding clean as required by law for a fee.



  1. Can you find the service in the neighborhood?
  2. Do you want to pay for the service?
  3. Do you want the service I deliver?

GO: if 15 out of 20 schools want the services and are willing to pay for it.


Printing some questionnaires. K 50,-


Collection is weekly for K 150,-/week

Click here to learn how to read a Lean Canvas Business model.

Jacana will support Joe in:

  1. Helping to find financial means to buy a truck for the collection of waste.
  2. Find a recycling expert.

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