Farmer, Loki Funwell

Loki is a productive farmer, working energetically to support his family and making ends meet. Besides his garden, he has a small piggery. At the moment, he is determined to expand his piggery business and he is delighted that Jacana is considering providing him with a partly sponsored borehole and guidance. For this reason, Jacana asks a small financial contribution from you.


  • € 500 raised now, still € 400 of € 900 needed. 56%

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The economies of rural villages stabilize with the presence of entrepreneurs like Loki. He is visionary and determined to reduce poverty through hardworking. Loki has a garden situated next to the stream which dries up in the dry season implying that his garden is seasonal. Next to this he has over 16 cows which suffer due to shortage of water.

Loki fetches water for his animals from very far places, which makes it difficult for him to expand. Presently, he has a small piggery and wants to expand it if water is provided at his premise. Piggery business is profitable in his area. His commitments to expand his piggery lead him to approach Jacana SMART centre with 70 Euros as part of the required amount for his borehole, hoping that Jacana would cover up the deficit. Indeed Jacana believes in Loki’s ability to expand and we are willing to help him. Would you join us to support Loki with any small donation towards his borehole?



Loki is a father of two children, a farmer growing garden vegetables and running a small piggery in Misholo of Msekera area. His major plan is to expand his piggery business if water is provided.



Jacana will support Loki with partly sponsored borehole and guidance:

So he can:

  • Expand his piggery business.
  • Manage his financial books proficiently.
  • Provide basic education for his children.


Drillers already started because we assume the few remaining coins to sponsor Loki will be collected soon.

December 2017

The well at farmer Loki Lungu could not be deepend. There where too many hard rocks. So Osward Mwanza drilled a new borehole, installed a pump (made by Gidoen Phiri) and made a ground water recharge system for the old well.

Pump at Loki lungu

Pump at Loki lungu

Drilling at Loki

Drilling at Loki




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