Help with data Import from the Super Simple Bookkeeping app?


How to import data into Jacana’s Super Simple Bookkeeping app?


ATTENTION: The “import” option will replace all existing data with imported data and there is no method to undo this!
That is why the import option is hidden behind several a few warning.

If you want to import data and overwrite all exising data then:

  • It is wise to first make a backup of all your data with the “Share” option (See Share) and confirm if the data has arrived at it’s backup destination.
  • Only after that, open the “Settings” page first by tapping the “Settings” icon in the top right corner of the main page.

Then almost at the bottom of the “Settings” page is an option that says: “Want to delete all current data and import fresh data from shared data.” tap the toggle switch there.

This will open the Import page.

On the import page, you again are reminded and are offered to make a BACKUP by tapping the “Share” button in case you forget.

If you are 100% sure that you have no problems with overwriting your current data the tap the toggle switch where it says “Ok, I understand. Delete all my data and import fresh data.

Now, a text field will open.

You need to Copy the complete shared message and Past it in this text field.

  • Open the communication app and find that shared data which you want to import. For example open your email find the email with subject “Bookkeeping…” with the date and time when it was shared (exported). This could be in the SPAM box.
  • Once you have that message, tap and hold your finger on the message until is shows a small menu with the option “Select all”. Tap the option “Select All”.
  • Then in the same small menu tap the option “Copy”. Now all data is in the copy/past memory of your device.
  • Go to the Import page of your Super Simple Bookkeeping app and tap and hold your finger on the text field until you see a small menu with a “Paste” option. Tap on that “Paste” option and all copied text will appear in the text field.
  • Finally tap the “Import” button at the bottom right of page and the system will try to replace import the fresh data.

The system might give some warnings if the data (text in the text field) is not correctly formatted. In that case check if you copied the correct text form the data share message and try again.


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