Jacana trains small African Entrepreneurs


in business, financial and marketing skills.

Jacana guides talented SMEs


with growing businesses and creates more jobs.

Jacana creates Role models


Entrepreneurs are visible and escape poverty on their own.



Simple, Market based, Affordable and Repairable Technologies

Jacana trains Pump production


using local materials.

Entrepreneurs, Farmer and Cooking oil producer: Wamunyima Simunji











Next generation manual drillers in Khova ward

Although the first generation has just started, it seems like Khova ward in Zambia is already developing a new generation of manual drillers. Here under: the first generation trained and mentored in June 2018 by Jacana SMART Centre Zambia....

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Jacana SMART Centre at WEDC 2018

What can we learn from this picture about sustainable development and reaching united nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Jacana SMART Centre Zambia presented “Boosting rural economies and creating sustainable water supplies for the most...

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Extra opportunities for entrepreneurs in the water sector:

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