May, 2017

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The entrepreneurs below are from an area of about 25 km from Chipata Town. These are the first three families who will receive a partly sponsored rope pump amoung others and become a part of the Show case area. They are selected from 34 entrepreneurs who followed the business training. During this training they worked on the plan of how they are going to use the water for expanding their small businesses. Jacana visited the entrepreneurs and evaluated the viability of their plans. 


Brick maker, Thomas Phiri

Thomas moulds bricks directly from mud and sells them to the communities nearby. He wants to expand his business by moulding cement blocks. Usually mud bricks are burnt to strengthen them and improve the quality. Baking bricks needs a lot of wood, but for molding cement blocks Thomas does not need to cut trees. Cement blocks need more water to cure. At this moment he has no reliable water source near to his house. With a borehole and rope pump he has access to water throughout the year and he can continuously produce cement blocks. With the extra money he earns he can take care of his large family. Jacana will guide him for one year in expanding his business. 

Video Thomas Phiri, brick maker

We still look for financial support for the pump and guidance of Thomas


Farmer, Uveren’gapi Jere

Uveren’gapi is a hard working woman and has been growing successfully vegetables for years. Unfortunately she has no access to water throughout the year and that is why she cannot expand, although she has enough land. When she has a rope pump she will start growing potatoes. With the extra income she will send her child and foster children to school.  

We still look for financial support for the pump and guidance of Uveren'gapi.


Farmer, Joshua Tembo

Joshua and his wife are both deaf and hardworking farmers. They have untouched land and want to expand their business in growing a bigger variety of vegetables throughout the year. At this moment they depend on the rains and can only farm during a few months per year. With a rope pump their dream can become reality and with the income from the yields they can send their son to school. 

We still look for financial support for the pump and guidance of Joshua.


Drillers are getting experience

Several boreholes were drilled manually by the trained drillers. Have a look, click on the picture:


Website is redesigned

Jacana is more than two years active. We learnt a lot and found it necessary to redesign the website.  What do you think?


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