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March  2017

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Technical training

Nine drillers and seven welders completed a SMARTech training course of three weeks. Mr. Henk Holtslag shared his more than 30 years of experience and three assistant trainers helped him to keep the participants busy with practical field lessons.

Our soils

The drillers were trained in different manual drilling techniques for different kinds of soil, like sand, clay, stones to about 20 cm and combinations.

Our entrepreneurs

The following drilling teachnique were trained:

• Augering

• Soil punching

• Mzuzu drilling with chissel, open and closed bailers

• Drilling using Jetting

• Drilling by Sludging

• Bapthist drilling (percusion)

• Corbel, open well covering

EMAS pump

Participants learned production and installation of:

• EMAS pump

• Rope pump model 1

• Rope pump model 4

• Tube water recharge systems

• Production of all above used drilling equipment


Result of Walking for Water

Rotary Duiven from the Netherlands arranged this year together with Montessori school "de Groene Kring" and "Candea" College the charity: Walking for Water. Students from the primary school walked with 6 litres of water on their back 6 km and raised money for the Water for Zambia project from Jacana. 

The students raised in total 5,560.50 Euro and Wild Geeze will double it to 11,121.00 Euro. 

Rotay Duiven, Montessorischool de Groen Kring and Candea College: Thank you very much for your effort.


Tailor and designer Catherine

Catherine opened a second branch where she will sell baby and children clothes and all kind of baby materials. The new branch is situated at the "Highway" of Saturday Market in Chipata. 


Mushroom cultivator Bernadette

Chris Holtslag inspired Bernadette during a Skype meeting. Chis is an oyster mushroom cultivator in Helsinki. Chris gave Bernadette a few good instructions, which Bernadette is following up right now. 


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